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18years after divorce : Patrick Mahomes mom Randi Martin finds true love and set to re-marry with her new billionaire boyfriend



When asked on the Evan & Tiki show whether he plans to sit with Travis Kelce’s loved ones, including T-Swift, at the game, Mahomes Sr replied, “I hope not.”“No, I don’t think so.

No, Travis normally has his own thing, and Patrick has his own deal, too,” he added, “But I imagine if Taylor wants her own suite, I think she’s got enough money to get the one she wants.”However, it’s unlikely due to any bad blood between the two. According to People, Pat recalled the first time he met the “Cruel Summer” singer, saying he found her “very nice and genuine and everything”, as well as “very down to earth”.Per People, the NFL star’s parents are hugely supportive of him and his career.

“I knew when it came to sports, he was going to be able to reachThe proud mum has an online platform, QBP, where she sells bags, hats and other branded items for “Game Day”, and has worked at Texas’ Hollytree Country Club as catering and events director since 2005, according to her LinkedIn.

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