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BAD GUY: Billie Eilish’s manager retweets ‘openly petty’ post about Taylor Swift that fans call ‘messy as hell’



Plus Billie’s recent rumored swipe at Taylor in an interview

BILLIE Eilish’s manager has retweeted a critical post about Taylor Swift.

Danny Rukasin shared a post accusing Taylor, 34, of “preventing other artists from shining” with her album releases.

Danny – who met Billie, 22, and her brother FINNEAS in 2015 – liked and shared the post on X, formerly known as Twitter, earlier this week.

“Taylor Swift breaking her neck doing everything to prevent other artists from shining,” it read.

The post was accompanied by a graphic that showed that in June 2017, Katy Perry released a new album and that Taylor “put up an entire discography on Spotify” soon after.

It also pointed out that in January 2023, SZA was predicted to hit number one for a fourth week but Taylor allegedly dropped new album versions “to block SZA.”

The post further claimed that after Billie dropped her Hit Me Hard and Soft album in May 2024, Taylor allegedly dropped digital versions of her new album, The Tortured Poets Department to “block Billie.”

Danny, who is the co-owner of Los Angeles-based company Best Friends Music deleted his retweet after it started going viral.

A screenshot of his post was shared on a Reddit thread titled, “Billie Eilish’s manager retweets shady tweet about Taylor and her practices.”

“This is messy as hell but I’m glad celebs and celeb-adjacent folks are are being openly petty again. They’re around to entertain us, so please continue,” one fan wrote.

“Lol messy but REAL. Everyone is so fake all the time now, terrified of getting ‘canceled,’” another added.

“I wonder how much longer he will be managing her. This is an unprofessional look regardless of my personal feelings about Taylor’s s**tty release strategy,” a third posted.

“Waiting for full-scale Taylor – Billie feud,” someone else commented.

In March, Billie was accused of taking a swipe at Taylor when she slammed artists who release multiple vinyl editions of their albums, calling it “frustrating” and “wasteful” for the environment.

“It’s some of the biggest artists in the world making f–king 40 different vinyl packages that have a different unique thing just to get you to keep buying more,” she told Billboard.

The following month, Billie insisted she wasn’t “singling anyone out” and was rather blaming the “industry-wide systematic issues.”

On May 17, the Ocean Eyes singer dropped her latest album Hit Me Hard and Soft – her first project since 2021.

Taylor launched bonus editions and remixes of her album five days later.

The singer is eyeing up a fifth week at No. 1 for her album in the Billboard 200 albums chart.

Billboard will announce the new top 10 albums on Sunday.

Earlier this week, Billie revealed she spent six hours underwater while shooting the cover art for her album.

She joked that she “almost died” while submerged underwater in a tank, during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

The Bad Guy hitmaker explained that she had a tank strapped to her to keep her in place and likened the experience to “waterboarding” herself for hours.

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