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BREAKING NEWS: Fans tired of obsession with Taylor Swift join forums to criticise



She’s as famous for her devoted fanbase as she is her heartbreak anthems.

But it seems the love story could be over for Taylor Swift and her ‘Swifties’ – with some vowing to ‘detox’ from the US singer.

Thousands are joining online chat forums to critique the 34-year-old, saying they’re turning her off over issues including her jet use and her silence on the Gaza conflict.

Under a ’30-day detox’, former fans have said they will block the singer on Spotify, delete her fan pages and donate her merchandise to charity. They are also banning themselves from listening to her music or are trying alternative bands..

One listener wrote: ‘Thinking about Taylor does take up a lot of my time, does anyone else ever feel like they just need a break or am I crazy?’

Another replied: ‘You’re not. I’m going on a 30-day detox from Taylor Swift.

‘I deleted my Swiftie Twitter but I still use Instagram occasionally. I don’t obsessively save new photos of her like I used to but I still like seeing them – I didn’t celebrate her birthday this year.’

Another fan posted online: ‘The first couple of weeks of being a Swiftie, I was obsessed. If I wasn’t listening to her, I was watching her interviews. She [was] literally all I could think of.

‘I still get a huge desire to listen to her but now I’ve been mixing it up with Ed Sheeran for other things and been getting back into gaming and other things I like.’

The ‘Swiftly Neutral’ group on Reddit, which has more than 50,000 members, saw its following grow by 7,000 in one month after Ms Swift released her latest album The Tortured Poets Department.

One member told Vulture magazine: ‘I just feel a little disillusioned with her now. She has done many wonderful things for charity and I don’t want to take away from that. However, her jet use, her blatant cash grabs and her horrible merch quality have become a little more glaring.’

Ms Swift, who is known for her hits including Love Story and Shake It Off, reportedly has a carbon footprint 1,928 times the global average due to her private jet use.

She is set to bring her Eras tour to the UK next month, with tickets selling for as much as £661.

Earlier this week, a Barclays report said her arrival could boost the economy by almost £1billion

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