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BREAKING NEWS!!! Skip Bayless accuses Andy Reid of ‘selling his coaching soul’ for Super Bowl success



Andy Reid did everything in his power to prevent the release of the Chiefs tight end’s verbal abuse audio from the sideline.

Travis Kelce’s behavior towards the Kansas City Chiefs head coach is unforgiven, and so believes the tight end himself. But not Andy Reid, who forgave him and not let it come in between the profound bond they share.

After a poor first-half performance at the Super Bowl LVIII, Kelce attracted quite the chatters when he stormed up to Reid, standing at the sidelines, and began pushing and shouting at him. The star tight end’s anger was majorly fired after Isiah Pacheco fumbled the ball, missing a crucial opportunity for the Chiefs to recover.

Despite such unacceptable behavior, neither Kelce nor Reid faced any repercussions from the franchise. In the end, everyone worked out great as Kelce gave a stellar performance and Reid coached them to another Super Bowl victory.

However, it didn’t sit quite well with sports analyst Skip Bayless, who accused the Chiefs head coach of ‘selling his coaching soul’ by forgiving his tight end and tolerating such disrespectful behavior at the big game, just for the trophy.

The “Undisputed” host expressed his strong views on the controversy, saying:

How Andy Reid saved his tight end Travis Kelce from a PR disaster
According to the NY Post, Reid did everything in his power to prevent the release of the Chiefs tight end’s verbal abuse audio from the sideline, reflecting his loyalty and affection towards the 34-year-old.

In one of his interviews, the head coach talked about his relationship with Kelce, saying he keeps him young and Reid also considered himself a cupid in Kelce and Taylor Swift’s love story.

Travis Kelce with Andy Reid (Via Imago)
Kelce later on also apologized to Ried for his unforgiving behavior and admitted it was “unacceptable.” But as the 62-year-old didn’t hold any grudges towards his player, he forgave him with open arms and focused on celebrating their nominal Super Bowl victory together.

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