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BREAKING NEWS: Travis Kelce Just Revealed Why He Stopped Going to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour; Is Travis Kelce a Jealous Lover or Otherwise?



Travis Kelce jealous over Taylor Swift’s backup dancers?! That is what a source is claiming right now!

As Perezcious readers know, the pop star is traveling all around the world to bring her record-breaking Eras Tour to fans in different cities. While on the road, she’s reportedly grown very close to her male backup dancers — Jan Ravnik, Sam McWilliams, Kameron Saunders, Whyley Yoshimura, Raphael Thomas, and Kevin Scheitzbach. But is it too close for comfort for Trav?

A source claimed to Life & Style that the football player has a “secret jealous streak” when seeing Taylor perform with her “hunky backup dancers” for three hours straight every night on tour. What?! The insider claims while Travis “trusts” the singer 100 percent, he’s still not cool with her constantly being surrounded by these hotties day in and day out on stage:

“He trusts Taylor but that doesn’t mean he’s fine seeing her surrounded by all these hot guys. He’s a very macho, Alpha-male guy, his ego gets triggered pretty easily, and even if these guys don’t stand a chance with her he still has major pangs of jealousy, especially when he sees her getting showered with attention by them. He comes from the old-school mentality where other men are automatically competition so of course this gets under his skin, even if they do work for her.”

In fact, the insider feels he gets so jealous that he would potentially push “for her to hire nothing but female dancers for her next tour.” Hmm. Does anyone buy this? It would be a HUGE red flag of true, but… It really doesn’t seem like their dynamic at all, does it?

Of course jealousy sometimes happens even in the steamiest relationships. However, we highly doubt Travis got bit by the green-eyed monster over her backup dancers! He’s been nothing but super supportive of her shows ever since they started dating. He also just seems like a guy who understands this is just her job, especially as he gets more into acting! Even an insider for The US Sun shut down the claims, arguing the Kansas City Chiefs tight end isn’t bothered by her dancing with the male performers whatsoever:

“Travis is not an insecure man, and he knows Taylor is an artist and this is part of her shows. There is absolutely zero tension on this — they even laugh about it as when he will be in movies, he may have to kiss another woman and have scenes of close dancing.”

TayTay even dated several actors in the past, so the likelihood of her getting jealous is pretty darn slim! Again, these two seem to support each other and understand what their careers entail. We just don’t see them having problems over something like this! But what do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Do you see Travis getting jealous of her backup dancers? Sound OFF in the comments below:

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