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Breaking News:“Everyone CRITICS me for dating Travis Kelce, All my friends say this can’t be worked out, BUT I’m going to Stand my ground and let my relationship with Travis Kelce work out without there was any distraction”, Taylor ROARED at everyone present and threw a “GRENADE” look at the person who asked this ridiculous question.



Yeah I wonder what the rush with her attending a game was about. Taylor talks about how they had a “significant time getting to know each other” but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

She had the entire football season to show up for games. I’m shocked they didn’t keep it under wraps longer to further develop their relationship before going public with it. She could have easily flew under the radar to spend time with him in KC without the public knowing. She didn’t need to necessarily attend games weeks into the season if they had only known each other a month at that point. Her attending that specific home game appeared very planned because there was a lot of buzz in the media about her attending. Her meeting his mom isn’t all that surprising though. She’s done that with her ex’s as well. I just saw a swiftie saying they are trolling us with the different versions of their timeline because they want to keep the truth to themselves.

But like if that were the case wouldn’t have been easier to just not give out these details at all? lol because instead they just make people laugh at them for the fast rollout and their inconsistencies.

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