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Breaking News:Not really what i want , She consume much of Alcohol off camera ” Travis Kelce letting the cat out of the bag as he finally break up with Taylor swift



Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are reportedly under a lot of pressure to get engaged.

“The constant questioning from friends and family is starting to really get them down,” a source told Star. “Not a day goes by they don’t get hit with gentle hints and questions.”

Taylor and Travis made their relationship public in September 2023, when the Fortnight singer attended the Super Bowl winner’s NFL game.

“The social media and fan chatter about an engagement is bad enough, but he also gets questions from friends and the more he’s pressured, the more he withdraws,” the tipster said of Travis.

The source said that Travis has all the intention to propose, but only when he’s ready. Meanwhile the Grammy winner has told her circle to not mention it as she is now focusing on the Eras Tour.

“Her friends bring it up all the time, and she’s ordered them to stop mentioning it. The constant questions are not helping. She’s a hundred percent sure that Travis is The One, and she’s just hoping the proposal happens soon, because she wants to get on with the next stage of their lives,” they explained.

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