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Breaking News:Taylor Swift Has Reportedly the REASONS why Travis Kelce has “NO PLANS” to Propose to her, As she say: ” He told me that there was a promise He made to mom about his ex, Kayla Nicole and he wish to fulfil the promise” This is the promise, and break down in TEARS she say it out.



Attention everyone who’s been spiraling ever since that report (we’ll get to it in a moment) came out about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce getting engaged any moment now. Apparently—at least, according to a new source who’s entered the convo—not so much!
The insider dished to Us Weekly that “Travis has no plans on proposing to Taylor anytime soon. It’s not even on his radar. Marriage is something he takes very seriously and not something he would ever just jump into without giving it some careful consideration.”

Before you start side-eyeing, the source *also* added that Travis “cares very deeply” about Taylor, but “he’s just not there yet” when it comes to asking her to marry him.

Kay, this clearly flies in the face of what anon insiders told Entertainment Tonight just a few days ago. The outlet’s source—who sent the internet spiraling with their comments—said “Taylor and Travis are doing amazing, and their loved ones see an engagement coming sooner than later. They make a great match and there’s no question about that.”

Truly who knows what to believe?!?! But for what it’s worth, ET’s insider also had some sweet musings to relay about the couple’s bond with Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper (they were seen hanging with Trav at the Eras Tour in Paris): “Taylor and Gigi have always been extremely close, but being in love simultaneously and having these similar and shared experiences has been so much fun for them.”

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