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Breaking News:Who among the two lovers will be able to parent well? Jana Kramer Is Alleging That Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are ‘Always Drunk’ And Worries About The Effect On their kids of they eventually get married…



An easy way to get people to start listening to your podcast is to just start gossiping, because we all yearn for the carefree days of spreading rumors on the school steps during recess, right?

Jana Kramer, known for her role as Alex on the post-Chad Michael Murray seasons of One Tree Hill, took to her own podcast to share her opinion on this year’s hot button issue: Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.

On the latest episode of Whine Down With Jana Kramer, the actress/singer had some choice words about the relationship. She said it’s “corny and cheesey” for Kelce to be “loving the attention” he’s gotten from dating Swift. Though he had a lot of attention before on his own, the Hallmark movie icon has a point.

While Kramer admitted to guest Josie Van Dyke that she was a fan of the couple at first, she has since changed her mind. “I loved [them] at first but as it went on, honestly the Super Bowl thing rubbed me the wrong way. The aggression.

And I’ve heard things that I just don’t love. Again, I just want everyone to be happy,” she added. “I don’t know. Something about him reminds me of my ex that rubs me the wrong way.”

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