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Candace Owens Slams Taylor Swift Over Video That Surfaced Online Showing Her Engaging In Suspicious Activity With Travis Kelce After Super Bowl (VIDEO)



Candace Owens has lashed out at Taylor Swift again in the wake of the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win last Sunday.
It’s hardly a secret that Candace despises Taylor, having branded her “the most toxic feminist that has ever existed” earlier this week.

“Obviously, if you’ve seen what she’s even done in business and how she tries to manipulate her audiences to get out of deals and contracts, she’s totally insane,” Owens said in an interview. “She’s the most toxic feminist that’s ever existed.”

She’s totally insane.”

Candace Owens calls Taylor Swift the “most toxic feminist that’s ever existed.”

— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) February 14, 2024

It appears she’s just picked up on the clip that surfaced appearing to show Swift smoking with boyfriend Travis Kelce at a Las Vegas party after the Super Bowl.

“Wow! Is Taylor Swift smoking pot here or is it only Travis Kelce smoking?”Candace wrote in a tweet on Friday. “Why does it always look like Travis is so not into Taylor at all?”

“Weird vibes, but I guess this is her “college girl phase” era.”

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