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Candace Owens Slams Taylor Swift Over Video That Surfaced Online Showing Her Engaging In Suspicious Activity With Travis Kelce After Super Bowl (VIDEO)



Political commentator Candace Owens has taken to social media again to call out a notable figure, and this time, she has taken aim at Taylor Swift.

Owens has previously used X, formerly Twitter, and other platforms like her podcast on YouTube, Candace Owens Podcast, to speak her mind, often targeting individuals such as Hillary Clinton and Cardi B.

Sharing the screen-recorded video, Owens said: “Wow! Is Taylor Swift smoking pot here, or is it only Travis Kelce smoking? Why does it always look like Travis is so not into Taylor at all? Weird vibes, but I guess this is her ‘college girl phase’ era.”

At one point in the video, Kelce appears to exhale some kind of smoke or vapor. There is no evidence to suggest Kelce or Swift were smoking pot, and the video does not appear to show Swift exhaling anything. Newsweek has been unable to confirm the contents of the video.

Newsweek has reached out to Owens via email, as well as Swift and Kelce’s publicists via email, for comment.

At the time this article was published, Owens’ post had been viewed 7.2 million times by app users, received over 8,500 comments and over 2,000 reshares.

A fan was quick to add: “Does anyone honestly care about smoking pot anymore? You can really tell who’s afraid of Taylor Swift by the amount of people who are obsessed with talking about her on what she does. And that NOT related to her music. Specifically politicians.”

“Why do you care?” a second added, while a third joked: “It’s amazing how she’s living in your head rent free.”

Several X users called Owens out for her past comments about the “All Of The Girls You Loved Before” singer: “‘Weird vibes, you say as you’ve been tweeting about her for weeks now lmfao.”

This was echoed: “Why do you care so much? To me, that’s the weirdest part of all of this. Btw, not a fan of Swift. But I am a fan of minding my own business.”

A fan of the broadcaster even chimed in on the video: “Candace, normally I like what you say. But this is a private party—and we should not care what happens here, let alone pass judgement on it.”

Another mocked her words: “Conservatives on X: ‘I hate Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.’
“Also conservatives on X: ‘OMG did you see Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce!!!!!’”

Owens did have several supporters, with one adding: “College girl at age 35? She needs to stop pretending that she’s still a teen and grow up.”

Comedian Terrence K. Williams backed Owens’ statement: “Candace you are wrong for judging him, he has to get high to be around her all day.”

Owens’ previous X comments referenced by some of the rebuttals to her post, include her podcast episode exploring “why Black people don’t like Taylor Swift” and her remarks saying Swift is the “most toxic feminist that’s ever existed.”

Unafraid to share her opinion, the speaker has been suspended from YouTube before for her anti-LGBTQ+ statements and her content has been demonetized on the platform before following several of her posts violated policies regarding misgendering trans people.

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