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Chief’s news ‘ Sadly Patrick Mahomes is Leaving Kansas city chief’s , He Spoke about his Right Ankle Injury …



There is arguably nothing that can stop Patrick Mahomes from achieving his aim. Not even an injury! This was evident in last year’s Super Bowl when an ankle injury of Mahomes left the State Farm Stadium’s spectators in shock.

Mahomes is on track for his fourth Super Bowl appearance, having secured victories against the Eagles and the 49ers, while facing a defeat against the Buccaneers. As he now aims for his third Super Bowl win, last year’s harrowing Super Bowl experience continues to resurface on the internet.

An injury-laden Super Bowl LVII!

The Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback, Patrick Mahomes’ right ankle, was looking fine until he started limping on the field. Arizona’s State Farm Stadium witnessed a Super Bowl game on February 12, 2023, against the Chiefs and the Eagles. The incident occurred in the second quarter when Eagles linebacker T.J. Edwards tackled Mahomes, causing his right foot to bear the impact. Mahomes revealed in a post game interview that he re-aggravated a high-ankle sprain (Pedal Ankle Sprain Grade 3) he had suffered on January 21, 2023.

Despite limping and experiencing pain, Mahomes continued playing, finishing the first half and starting the second for the Chiefs. He jogged back to the locker room before halftime and returned without a significant limp. The Chiefs won 38-35 against the Eagles.

This season, Mahomes has played without any apparent ankle issues in the games so far. Fans are hopeful that he remains injury-free in Super Bowl LVIII. But will it happen, especially considering the stadium he and the players of both the teams are going to play in?

Allegiant Stadium: highly prone to injuries!

As per Vegas Sports Today, Allegiant Stadium is said to be the most-injury prone stadium in the NFL. It causes 23.92 injury reports per game, which is 40% more than the least injury-prone Mercedes-Benz stadium.

The reason for it being the most-injury prone was recently revealed by the Stadium’s groundskeeper, Zachary Longenecker. He informed that some Raiders’ players prefer shorter grass for quickness, which potentially increases injury risks due to reduced space between players and the playing surface.

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