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Imagine the Backlash if Travis Kelce Did This”: Fans Rip Rob Gronkowski After His Reckless Act During Tom Brady Roast



Though the Tom Brady roast special was a glorious day for the NFL world and comedy itself, Brady’s former teammate’s risky stunt ended up attaching a negative incident to it. So much so that the fans went into a frenzy and called him while comparing him to the Chiefs’ Kelce, who often receives criticism over a similar stunt.

Rob Gronkowski was a recipient of the insults as well, along with his former teammate Brady. While the show revolved mainly around digs at Brady, Gronk also faced the brunt of the insults a little by former coach Belichick. All in all, it was a great night of jokes and antics until Gronk’s bizarre glass throw ended up injuring a member of the audience.

Rob Gronkowski’s broken glass injures a member of the audience

In the aftermath of the Tom Brady roast, there was laughter all around. As everyone was celebrating together, Gronk took it a step further and proceeded to down an entire shot glass, which he later threw and shattered into pieces. Later, reports indicated that a person actually got injured because of the broken glass.

In response to this incident, a fan called out Gronk and compared him to Travis Kelce, who is known for chugging a can of beer as a signature move. The user wrote, “Can you imagine the backlash if Travis Kelce did this?”

Additionally, he shed light on how the NFL often terms Travis as immature because of this specific move, and even though he hasn’t ever caused harm to anyone, Gronkowski has seemed to get away with it while the Chiefs’ TE is always in the negative spotlight. Moreover, here’s a look at a few other fan reactions that caught our eye.

The fans react harshly to Gronk’s wild celebration
Rob Gronkowski is one athlete that is rarely a part of a negative outlook. The famed Patriots’ star is often a beacon of positivity with his charitable missions and an ever-so-likable personality. Unfortunately, the moment where he accidentally injured a fan in the audience, just might go on to become one of those memories that the former tight end would want to forget.

Firstly, this user wrote, “He wanna be Kelce so bad and is failing at it” and ended up insinuating that Gronk is downright trying to imitate Kelce.

This fan pointed out the hypocrisy of the situation if Kelce did the exact same stunt. He said, “If Travis Kelce did this there’d be some tweet with 180k likes on it about how “immature” he is”

Next, this user contested the double standards that exist for a retired renowned player like Gronk and a player who’s still active in his career like Kelce.

As such, he wrote, “Now if this was Travis kelce all hell would of broken loose for 1 being that drunk and 2 spiking the glass never mind that he also injured someone isn’t it funny the double standards here ”

Lastly, this fan summarized all our feelings and would’ve preferred if Gronk threw a football rather than a shot glass that could very possibly cause an injury to someone. He said, “Geez, a football is one thing maybe even a beer can but what was he thinking? Smashing a glass to the ground with people all around Yikes”

Thus, even though the roast is done with and Brady rests at home peacefully, Gronk’s dangerous stunt will continue to make waves, and all the while, Kelce’s name gets attached to the scandal as well

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