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Kate Middleton explains how Meghan Markle brought misfortunes to the royal family ” she’s cursed”



Sophie Trudeau has given the cold shoulder to Meghan Markle after saying she hasn’t ‘spent much time’ with the Duchess who previously gushed the former First Lady of Canada was a ‘dear friend’.

Ms Trudeau, who was formerly married to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has played down her friendship with The Duchess, who previously implied she shared a close bond with Sophie and admired her as being ’emblematic of strength’. During an episode of the Archetypes podcast in November 2022 Meghan admitted Sophie ‘used to send me little meditations during my pregnancy’ and voice notes ‘of encouragement’, adding: ‘I’ve gone to her over the years for advice.’

Meghan also described a day of laughter and fun that the pair spent at her Montecito mansion, where their children played in the swimming pool on pizza-shaped floats while they drank wine ‘on the terrace’ and were ‘giddy like absolute schoolgirls.’ But, when asked about her relationship with Meghan in an interview with The Times today, Ms Trudeau was reserved to say the least, saying: ‘I know her… but we haven’t spent much time together.’

Sophie then turned the conversation over to Meghan’s sister-in-law Kate Middleton, revealing that her ‘heart just sunk’ when she heard about the Princess’s cancer diagnosis last month.

It is unclear why Sophie played down her friendship with the Duchess. Although a possible explanation could be linked to Meghan’s falling out with her former best friend Jessica Mulroney, who has previously acted as a stylist for Ms Trudeau. Despite ‘Jess’ reportedly playing an ‘influential’ role in Megxit, Meghan distanced herself from the mother-of-three after she became embroiled in a race row in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020.

MailOnline exclusively revealed that ABC severed ties with stylist Mulroney, confirming that she would not be returning to her occasional role as a fashion contributor on Good Morning America. Canadian TV network CTV also cut off ties with the stylist, revealing that it would be pulling all episodes of her wedding-themed reality TV show I Do Redo from its platform.

Since then, Jessica has not commented on rumours of her drifting apart from Meghan, but it’s clear the relationship has cooled. Meghan and Jess previously took sun-soaked trips to Positano, gushed about one another on social media, and were pictured at a number of high-profile events together.

The pair were so close Meghan phoned the stylist the night Harry proposed – before having her play a key role in her royal wedding. The two have not been seen together publicly and Jessica did not feature in the couple’s Netflix series, in which other friends of Harry and Meghan were interviewed.

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