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Lip Reader Reveals What Taylor Swift Said When Travis Kelce Sang “Viva Las Vegas” Again



Will we ever hear Travis Kelce yelling “viva Las Vegas” with unbridled excitement again?

After the Chiefs won the Super Bowl in Vegas in February, he sang it for the first time on national television.

Geographically speaking, it made sense and Chiefs supporters who know Kelce likened his shouting to an energised Adam Sandler, one of his favourite comedians, when he’s in a good mood and holding a microphone.

“You gotta fight, for your right, to paaaaaaaaaaarty!” On Saturday night, at a banquet for teammate Patrick Mahomes’ 15 and Mahomies charity… in Vegas, someone handed him a microphone on stage.

Taylor Swift, Kelce’s girlfriend, was present and seated at a front-row table alongside Mahomes and his spouse, Brittany Mahomes. When the video appeared on social media, this perplexed Instagram begged for assistance as Kelce yelled “Viva, Las Vegas” once more.

“Why does that guy keep saying Viva las Vegas? Did they meet in Vegas? Is it a song? What’s the deal? Someone please.”

Yes, my dear Instagram user, Elvis Presley, the king of rock ‘n’ roll, sang the song “Viva Las Vegas” for his eponymous movie in the early 1960s. Additionally, Swift was in Vegas for the Super Bowl, but Kelce and she did not meet there, as far as we know.

When Kelce went viral on national television, she was on the pitch close to the stage. Her visage was shown up close by cameras.

People who couldn’t possibly know battled on social media for days about whether she was cringing or humiliated because, boy, it definitely seemed like it. However, a lip reader has weighed in on the argument this time, leading to fresh news articles questioning if Swift felt “the ick” when she saw Kelce repeat the action.

Jackie Gonzalez, also known as @tismejackieg, claims that on Saturday at the dinner, Swift turned to face whoever was seated next to her and remarked, “That again. I can’t do it” In front of the elegantly attired ballroom audience.

Gonzalez, who describes herself as “ur local deafie,” is becoming well-known for her ability to read people’s lips in public and on the red carpet. Recently, she read the lips of Swift and Kelce during a lunch date.

In her post, she states, “Lip reading is not a reliable form of communication, all statements are alleged,” to protect herself from being taken too seriously. And it is absolutely true.

Oscar watchers learned early this year that reading lips is unreliable when lip readers falsely claimed that best actress winner Emma Stone called programme presenter Jimmy Kimmel by a four-letter term. (She disputed it afterwards.)

post shared by Jackie Gonzalez (@tismejackieg)

To Swifties, it doesn’t really matter if Swift was bothered by Kelce’s excitement or not. They are fond of him. They genuinely adore him.

“Honestly after being attracted to pretentious art bros her whole life, she deserves someone secure enough to be a little cringe. We all do,” a fan commented on the lip reader’s article, and other others added similar thoughts, “If he doesn’t make you cringe its not true love.”

“My husband of 23 years still does stuff that makes me shake my head too. He’s a dork but he is my dork.”

“My parents have been married 54 years. My dad still says things that make my mom laughingly cringe and say she can’t take him anywhere. We accept his corny lines and laugh. This is adorable.”

“Corny cringy boyfriends are the ones that make the best husbands.”

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