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LOOK…Future is Assured ‘ as Travis and sweetheart Taylor show off $419m Acres land acquired in Tennessee they plan on building Edifice Manson there as permanent resident Amid Wedding preparations



Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are enjoy prolonged breaks from their super-busy work schedules, and a source just gave the world’s cutest quote about how they’re spending their time. (TL;DR they’re in love, obsessed, etc.)

Taylor and Travis Kelce on Saturday show off $419m Acres land acquired in Tennessee. According to unknown source, it was unveiled that they plan on building Edifice Manson after marriage.

Taylor and Travis are soaking up their downtime together,” the insider recently told Entertainment Tonight. “They are appreciating the here and now and the love they share with one other. When they’re able to just chill out, they love to hang out with their friends and family, travel, see new things together, and enjoy their privacy. They are grateful to have each other along for the ride and advocate and support each other across the board.”

And while the couple are “enjoying this moment,” apparently they’re also “looking forward to what the future holds too. They want to continue to grow together and be happy and healthy. Their friends and family are still as supportive as ever.”

Taylor and Travis have been spending most of their downtime in Los Angeles, though they also were spotted enjoying a vacation in the Bahamas—and more recently spent Easter weekend in Pennsylvania with Jason and Kylie Kelce.

Taylor has a break from the Eras Tour for the rest of April, and then shows kick off in Paris on May 9. Travis is expected to join Taylor for a bunch of her European tour dates while he’s still enjoying the off-season, so expect more “Karma is a guy on the Chiefs” moments coming to a stadium near you.

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