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Messi to play with Inter Miami at the home of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce: Why?



Messi to play with Inter Miami at the home of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce Why

Lionel Messi has arrived to change the MLS landscape forever, and with the 2024 season still a long way off, the Argentine’s presence alone is causing such a buzz that teams are looking for other stadiums to play in due to the high demand.

In fact, according to, Sporting Kansas City has moved its home game against Inter Miami scheduled for April 13 from its home stadium, Children’s Mercy Park, to the Kansas City Chiefs’ Arrowhead Stadium.

Demand to see Messi in Kansas City

The demand for the game against Messi’s Inter Miami, which Sporting KC has had to move from its 18,500-capacity stadium to the NFL’s much larger, 76,500-seat Arrowhead Stadium, a total of 58,000 more people.

Tickets for the game have not yet been released, with the TicketMaster site listing prices in the $50 to $480 range. Sales will begin on January 16, with resale prices sure to reach exorbitant figures.

We may see Chiefs star QB Patrick Mahomes at the game, as well as Travis Kelce and his mega-famous partner, singer Taylor Swift, who have become ‘America’s Couple’ since announcing their engagement.

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