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Mick Foley Reveals Story of Taylor Swift’s Kindness That Has Made Him “A Swiftie For Life”



As Taylor Swift continues to rise in fame due to her NFL romance and non-stop chart toppers, WWE legend Mick Foley is sharing a new, heartwarming story about the songstress, and it’s making Swifties melt.

Mick took to social media to share details about the story, which happened back in 2007, just as Taylor was jumping to megastar status. At that time, their mutual friend, pro-wrestler Jeff Jarrett, lost his wife and high school sweetheart, Jill, to cancer.

In a Facebook post, Mick recalled overhearing Jeff telling someone that he and his two daughters were going through a particularly hard time, so “Taylor” took them “out for the day.”

“I was literally stunned to find out that the Taylor he had mentioned was Taylor Swift,” he wrote.

Jeff assumed the gesture was “a random act of kindness.” But he later found out that the two were actually neighbors in Hendersonville, TN. And Taylor was making a point to support the grieving family as often as possible.

Facebook“She did not just take them out for that one day,” Mick continued. “She was there for them during the most difficult part of their lives.
He added, “She baked cookies, she sang in their living room, she babysat while Jeff was at his wife’s bedside. She was a true friend and a shining example of kindness when kindness was needed most.”

Mick Foley Considers Himself “An Unlikely Swiftie”

Mick Foley pointed out that Taylor Swift was “in the middle of her career exploding.” So she would have had every right to step back and focus on that, but she didn’t.

“That young lady is special,” he added.

Mick admitted he cried when he heard Jeff’s story. And he hopes that sharing it will make some of Taylor’s “haters” back down.

“I do not own a Taylor Swift CD. I have never seen her perform live,” he continued. “And honestly – even given how ubiquitous her music is in our lives – might not be able to give you the name of 10 Taylor Swift songs of my life depended on it.”

“But I love Taylor Swift,” Mick Foley concluded, “and in my own way, am a Swiftie for life.”

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