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Mothers all around the WORLD including mothers in Sports APPLAUDS Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes as he RAISES a glass to women’s sports in recently posted video for Time100 Gala and says ‘You Are All Special!’ in April to Celebrate Mother’s day for all Women – ‘He is so thoughtful and caring…’



Patrick Mahomes raised a toast to women’s sports in a recently posted video from the TIME100 Gala on April 25.

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback attended the ceremony after being named on the publication’s prestigious 100 Most Influential People list last month.

In a video posted by TIME on Monday, May 3, the three-time Super Bowl MVP used his moment on stage to praise women’s sports and gave a shoutout to Las Vegas Aces star A’Ja Wilson.

‘Tonight I’d like to raise a glass to a new era in sports,’ Mahomes opened. ‘An era in which the women’s game is finally getting the attention it deserves.’

‘For a long time, there was this well-meaning but patronizing idea that you should care about women’s sports because that aligns with your values. And sure, there’s some merit to that. But the real reason you should care about women’s sports is because they’re incredible.’

Just google A’Ja Wilson’s highlights, and you’ll see what I’m talking about,’ he added.

‘The talent, the narratives, the personalities, women’s sports has it all, and I think people are finally starting to figure that out.’

Mahomes pointed out some of the milestones in women’s sports over recent years. He praised the women’s NCAA tournament final between Iowa and South Carolina becoming ESPN’s most-viewed basketball game, Coco Gauff’s first match in the US Open getting more views than the men’s final, and the rising interest in the WNBA and NWSL.

Mahomes and his wife Brittany, whom he attended the gala with, are part-owners of the NWSL team Kansas City Current, alongside Angie and Chris Long. Their efforts memorably led to the Current having the first stadium built specifically for a women’s team.

Meanwhile, the WNBA is expected to have a monumental season viewership-wise upon Caitlin Clark’s entry following a historic college career with Iowa.

‘I’m proud of the part my family has played in this movement,’ Mahomes said. ‘As a part-owner of the Kansas City Current, my wife Brittany is working hard to grow women’s soccer and broaden the path for the next generation – for young athletes like our daughter.’

‘We all need to keep investing in the women’s game with our attention, with our media, and with our wallets,’ he added. ‘Because this isn’t a flash in the pan, it’s the future.’

‘So here’s a toast to the greatness that is women’s sports. It’s been happening and I’m glad the world is catching on.’

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