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NEWS NOW: Why Taylor Swift fans have been left fuming over trailer for Colleen Hoover movie It Ends With Us – starring singer’s best friend Blake Lively



Taylor Swift fans have been left furious after hearing the popstar’s hit tune My Tears Ricochet in the trailer for Colleen Hoover’s movie It Ends With Us, which stars the singer’s best pal, Blake Lively.

Last week, the trailer for Blake’s highly-anticipated film, which is an adaptation of Colleen’s book.

The author has previously come under fire for romanticizing domestic violence with her book as well as launching a nail polish and coloring book inspired by her novel.

Blake, 36, plays Lily Bloom, a woman beginning a passionate – and then abusive – relationship with Ryle Kincaid (Justin Baldoni, 40) – before the return of her ex, Atlas Corrigan (Brandon Sklenar, 32).

The film, which is set to be released August 9, is also directed by Baldoni.

Following the release of the trailer, Taylor’s fans were quick to express their opinions about the use of the artist’s song from her eighth studio album, Folklore.

Fans responded to a post made by Taylor Nation, the singer’s official PR account, on X, formerly known as Twitter, in which they promoted the trailer.

One person said: ‘Delete, please everyone is asking you to delete.’

Another user added: ‘My tears ricochet in a f***ing Colleen Hoover movie trailer? Absolutely the f**k not get my baby away from that f***ing trailer.’

‘A Colleen Hoover adaptation featuring a Taylor Swift song, this belongs in the deepest pits of hell, along with everyone gagging over this,’ someone else wrote.

‘Sorry but a Taylor song isn’t going to make me watch a Colleen Hoover movie,’ one user typed, which prompted many other people on the web to claim the same.

Someone else wrote: ‘Same like sorry girl, I love myself too much for this.’

‘Yeah in the same boat! But get your bag Blake and Taylor haha,’ a user added.

One comment read: ‘Couldn’t even finish the trailer.’

Previously, many took a dim view of the trailer itself, accusing it of giving away the entire plot of the film before its release.

The trailer begins with Lily meeting Ryle at her new flower shop, before the duo hit it off and strike up a romantic relationship.

The duo go on a date and it doesn’t take long for things to get steamy.

‘I want to see you again,’ Ryle tells Lily.

‘Now you see me,’ she jokes.

‘You know what I mean,’ he replies.

But then a darker side of Ryle emerges.

During a tense conversation, Ryle is shown standing up and smashing an object into the floor.

‘I’m so sorry,’ he tenderly tells her afterwards.

But then, Atlas returns. Lily is shown running into him, as flashbacks of their relationship as kids flash before the screen.

I still remember the day I saw you in the window,’ Atlas muses.

‘Yeah, we were just kids then,’ Lily replies.

Noticing the man she is holding hands with, Atlas asks, ‘Is that your guy?’

‘Yeah. That’s Ryle,’ she replies.

Ryle seems suspicious of Lily as he asks her at one point, ‘Do you love him?’

‘I love you,’ she assures him.

‘That wasn’t my question,’ Ryle replies.

Lily poses a powerful question to Ryle: ‘If one day you had a daughter, what would you say to her?

‘She came to you and said the person she loved was hurting her? What would you say to her?’

Over voiceover, she muses, ‘As hard as this choice is. We break the pattern. Or the pattern breaks us.’

It Ends With Us is set for release on August 9.

Colleen previously revealed It Ends With Us was ‘the hardest book I’ve ever written’ as it was based on the relationship between her parents.

As of 2019, the book sold more than one million copies worldwide and has since been translated into more than 20 different languages.

The book received another surge in popularity in late 2021 thanks to TikTok’s #BookTok community.

It Ends With Us was the top-selling print book in 2022, remaining on The New York Times Best Seller List for more than 90 weeks.

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