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News Now:Taylor Swift fans rally around Travis Kelce after Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend goes viral with provocative video….



Travis Kelce recently went viral after an old video of him and his ex-girlfriend, Kayla Nicole, resurfaced on the internet. Social media had a frenzy with the post, with fans having mixed opinions about Kelce’s provocative video.

The video, which some might find offensive, has received over 1.5 million views. It shows the two of them engaging in a racy interaction at the beach. The Spun recently brought the video back into the spotlight, highlighting fans’ reactions.

“And he left her, got with Taylor and never looked back. Not sure this is the flex some may think it is,” said one fan, via Cowboy Jay on X.

Kelce is currently dating global superstar Taylor Swift. The popular artist and NFL star have been together since the 2023 NFL season. There’s been some controversy over his past relationship with Nicole, but the two have been quick to throw any previous partnership discussions out the window.

Kelce and Nicole previously dated at the beginning of 2017 and had an on-off relationship for five years. They reportedly met through Instagram DM’s, sparking their initial relationship through social media, per Skyer Caruso at People.

Swift and Kalce may want to focus on their relationship, but fans will never stop stirring the pot.

“And he kissed Taylor right in front of her in the stadium. Now what?,” another fan said.

“Taylor doesn’t need to act like this cuz she made a name for herself,” said another fan.

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