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News Taylor Swift responds to a fan who criticized her for frequently KISSING and being seen with her cat, stating, “I can’t be without my cat, Travis,” emphasizing the importance of her feline companion in her life and that was the same cat he bought to give her instead of the dead cat, “it’s so beautiful, isn’t it, its fur is as special as its owner”.



Pop superstar Taylor Swift recently responded to a fan’s criticism about her frequent displays of affection towards her cat, affectionately named Travis, underscoring the deep bond she shares with her feline companion.

Swift, known for her candid and personal engagement with fans on social media, emphasized the irreplaceable role her cat plays in her life.

The incident began when a fan took to social media to critique Swift’s habit of being frequently seen kissing and spending time with her cat, Travis. The fan questioned why the singer seemed to prioritize her pet so highly, suggesting it might be excessive.

Swift, never one to shy away from addressing her fans’ comments, responded with a heartfelt message. “I can’t be without my cat, Travis,” she stated firmly. “He’s not just a pet; he’s a part of my family and has been a constant source of comfort and joy in my life.”

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Taylor Swift has a lot of love for her cats.

The “Blank Space” singer is the proud cat mom of three, including two Scottish Folds named Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey and a Ragdoll cat named Benjamin Button.

Over the years, Swift has been happy to elevate her cats’ profile, both on and off social media. In addition to sharing hilarious videos and photos of them on Instagram, they have played a significant role in her career, appearing on official merch and being referenced in her lyrics.

Most notably, Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey appeared at the beginning of her “ME!” music video from her Lover album. In fact, Swift first met Benjamin Button on the set of the music video before deciding to adopt him.

Recently, Benjamin Button got his star moment as he posed with Swift for the cover of Time‘s Person of the Year cover.

Ahead, look back at the cutest photos Swift has shared of her and her cats.

As Swift teased the release of her “ME!” music video in 2019, she posted this sweet snap of Olivia and Meredith sitting on a couch from the set. The cats were prominently featured in the video itself during a scene in which Swift and the song’s featured artist Brendon Urie got into an argument — worst of all, as Swift proclaimed in French, “In front of our young daughters!”

After the release of “ME!,” Swift revealed that she adopted a new cat named Benjamin Button, who was featured in the video. She shared the news on Instagram, captioning a photo of them, “And then there were three.

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