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Omg…Shock by reveals!!! Michael J. Fox says Taylor Swift ‘moves economies’ and ‘changes the way the world works’ as he predicts decades more of success for songstress



The 62-year-old actor spoke with People Tuesday for the publication’s 50th anniversary issue, and was asked about who he thought would continue to remain relevant over the next 50 years.

The Back To The Future star cited the massive influence and huge platform Swift, 34, already has with her sizeable fanbase.

‘I think she’s going to be a really important person,’ Fox said of Swift, just days after 90s rocker Courtney Love called the Grammy-winning songstress ‘not important.’

Fox, who also played the role of Alex P. Keaton on the hit 80s TV sitcom Family Ties, said of Swift: ‘I think she moves economies, she changes the way the world works, and that’s amazing.’

Michael J. Fox, 62, predicts decades of future success for Taylor Swift, 34, and Ryan Reynolds, 47. Pictured earlier this month in Nashville

Fox, who headlined films such as Doc Hollywood, The Secret of My Success and Casualties of War, noted what Swift has ‘said publicly about issues.’

Swift has lent her opinion toward political issues on occasion, such as in 2018 when she publicly opposed RepublicanSenator Marsha Blackburn’s campaign in Tennessee.

Fox said that he’s come ‘full circle’ in his thoughts on Swift, as he ‘didn’t have an opinion’ about the musical artist in the first place.

‘Now I have a wife and four kids who worship her,’ Fox said in reference to his wife Tracy Pollan, 63, and children Sam, 34, Aquinnah, 29, Schuyler, 29, and Esmé, 22.

Fox said Reynolds, 47, also stood out to him as a celebrity whocould have a long-lasting impact in the world.

‘I think Ryan Reynolds could be a really important person,’ Fox said. ‘He’s so smart, he’s so talented … he knows how to leverage things and make them succeed in other areas.’

The Deadpool leading man –who was among the celebrities who accompanied Swift to an NFL game last fall– is ‘a very philanthropic person,’ Fox said of his fellow Canadian actor.

Fox added of Reynolds: ‘I think he’s positioned to really do amazing things … God forbid I should put more weight on him, but I think he’s positioned to really do amazing things.’

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