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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘more interested in money than’ Prince William and Kate Middleton




Royal expert criticizes Prince Harry and Meghan for prioritizing money over people, unlike Prince William and Kate Middleton’s genuine interest to charity work.



Royal experts claimed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are more “fantastically interested in money” than Prince William and Kate Middleton or, per se, “actual people”.

Royal expert slams Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s focus on personal gain, contrasting it with Prince William and Kate Middleton’s genuine desire to make a positive impact(AFP)

This comes ahead of a new ITV documentary highlighting Prince William’s long-term commitment to addressing homelessness in the UK. The upcoming program will showcase the Prince of Wales and his involvement with the Homewards initiative.

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Director Leo Burley revealed that the documentary team has been “following Prince William and The Royal Foundation through the first year of the Homewards programme” and noted that those involved have appreciated “William and Homewards are placing on the UK’s homelessness crisis.”

Prince Harry knows Prince William ‘would never forgive’ him for what he did.

Prince William ‘wants to help, not just show of’
Speaking to GB News, royal biographer Angela Levin emphasized Prince William’s dedication to the cause, saying, “We mustn’t forget that in 2009, he slept out in the street to see for himself what it was like. And he also helps people who are selling the Big Issue magazine,” and added, “He wants to do this so badly because of his mother. She took them to see people who were homeless.”

Levin added that William aims to “get his children involved” in these charitable efforts and has allocated funds from his and Princess Catherine’s foundation to support home and Duchess of Sussex should have done when making a TV documentary, going behind the scenes and doing something noble and worthwhile rather than complaining.”

“This would be the Prince and Princess of Wales showing that they’re making a difference,” she added.

Levin concurred with Webster, praising William and Catherine’s efforts: “That’s what they’re doing, they’re doing everything they can in so many different ways to help the country and people who need help.”

She criticized, “Unfortunately, Harry and Meghan do everything that will help them and give them money. They’re fantastically interested in money and not actual people.”

“When I went around with Harry when I was doing his biography, he was marvellous with ex-military people, wonderful with them. But Meghan is very awkward. She’s not used to talking to people like that, and I don’t think she wants to. So that’s very difficult. Their idea is to show off and be wonderful, whereas William and Catherine’s is to help,” Levin then recalled.

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