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Shocking News Taylor Swift feeling ‘HEARTBREAK’ for the Kansas City Chiefs Parade Shooting and WORRIED and sends a message to boyfriend Travis Kelce to check if he’s safe ‘Please be safe..’



Taylor Swift has forged ahead with preparations for her concert at the MCG in Melbourne on Friday, despite the horrifying events unfolding in Kansas City.

Boyfriend Travis Kelce has been caught up in a shock mass shooting, which saw at least one person killed and 15 others injured during the Chiefs Super Bowl parade.

But the pop star’s tour looks set to go full steam ahead, with new images showing workers setting up the stage for her first concert in the Australian leg of her Eras Tour.

Construction workers could be seen at the MCG on Tuesday putting together the Trouble hitmaker’s iconic catwalk stage.

Forklifts carried large structures across the field, while huge light stands were being pulled into place.

The thousands of empty stands appeared clean and ready to be filled with countless screaming fans.

Huge gazebos were set up outside the stadium with barriers put in place to keep lines of eager fanatics organized.

Elsewhere, trucks continued to deliver necessary equipment as screens inside the MCG began to flick on with Taylor’s Eras Tour graphics.

It comes as at least one person was killed and 15 others injured in a horror shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade.

Two gunmen opened fire inside Union Station shortly after 3:30pm, seconds after the team including Travis Kelce, 34, and Patrick Mahomes left the stage.

Police evacuated the train station as huge crowds fled in panic after the shots rang out, with up to one million people expected to have descended on Kansas City for the parade.

The two gunmen were detained, although their identities and motive remain unclear.

Reports indicate multiple children were also gunned down in the tragic celebration, and were rushed to nearby Children’s Mercy Hospital.

Kansas City Fire reportedly said that of the nine people injured, five were ‘serious’, three were ‘critical’, and one person has non-life-threatening injuries.

Frantic scenes outside the station also included a man appearing to try and sprint from the crowd, before several men tackled him and pinned him to the ground.

The men who tackled the alleged assailant to the ground exclaimed: ‘We got him – we got the gun!’

A man in a red hoodie was pictured being arrested, although it is unclear if he was one of those involved in the shooting.

Officers are now evacuating the streets surrounding the train station, and police stress that the situation remains ‘fluid.’

Fans were seen scrambling from the scene, with several people wheeled away in stretchers.

Police said they were releasing all of those inside Union Station around 15 minutes after the shooting unfolded, but ordered crowds to remain away from the area.

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