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Shocking News !!! Taylor Swift SPENDS $30 Million on Her Relationship With Travis Kelce For SECURITY, see what happened to her.



A top music industry source who has dealt with superstars such as Adele, Madonna, and Rihanna told The Sun about the price of maintaining utmost safety throughout the sell-out tour. The source, who also works as an external consultant for the Eras shows, detailed the exorbitant costs of keeping Taylor safe and private while her football star boyfriend Travis Kelce returns to meet her this week.

She is the biggest superstar on the planet,” said the insider, who has been at the top of his game for almost two decades. “So security has to be perfect for her and the entourage.” Taylor isn’t the only one who needs protection. The star’s Kansas City Chiefs lover has become so well-known that going alone in the street could be dangerous.

Following Kelce’s arrival in Paris earlier this month, the couple has spent a lot of time together on Taylor’s European tour. He was seen watching her perform in the French capital with Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper before returning to his own music festival Kelce Jam last weekend.

The tight end was scheduled to rejoin her in Europe this week in Portugal, before they attended the Monaco Grand Prix together over the weekend. The expert stated that nearly 20 people – “the absolute best at their jobs” – have been engaged to secure the safety of everyone on her team as they travel around Europe for her upcoming 51 gigs, which begin in Paris and culminate in London later this summer.

According to the insider, they each receive $1,100 per day. With the jam-packed European phase, which begins in early May and lasts 100 days, the total cost will be $2 million. However, these contracts go beyond simply paying a bodyguard a daily wage.

Additional costs include renting security cameras and monitors, walkie talkies, and even attire to ensure everyone looks sharp. Travel, hotel accommodations, food, dates with Travis Kelce, and other expenses for the entire team tasked with keeping Taylor safe can easily add an additional $2 million to the bill.

Once the security costs at the venues, several of which will host crowds of well over 65,000, are added up, the total will be $30 million. Of course, for a performer who wants to break the record for the most grossing tour of all time for the second year in a row, these numbers aren’t a problem. However, they are required given how popular the 34-year-old has grown around the world.

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