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So amazing!!! Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce hide from photographers on date night but the photographers have accomplished this…



In an effort to evade the spotlight, Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Travis Kelce sought anonymity during their dinner date on Tuesday, April 9. The pair was spotted trying to evade paparazzi at the Bird Street Club in Los Angeles.

The couple, both age 34, tried to blend in, positioning themselves strategically in the backseat of the vehicle. Swift’s driver played a crucial role, seated in the front, acting as a barrier between the “Bad Blood” singer and the photographers. Kelce was able to be seen a bit more, but still tried to hide his face behind the passenger’s seat. At one point, a curtain was utilized to hide the couple even further.

During their visit to the club, the couple apparently looked “stylish and happy,” according to Page Six. “They were low-key, very tall! They were with two other people,” a source shared.

In a conversation with Lil Dicky on the April 10 episode of the New Heights podcast, hosted by Travis and his brother Jason Kelce, Travis expressed how shocked he still is that he is dating the 14-time Grammy winner, saying, “I don’t know how I did it because she isn’t — she was not into sports. So I don’t know how the f*** I did it.”

The rapper also inquired about the hosts’ experiences with the surge of Swifties following the podcast and the pop star’s relationship with Chiefs tight end, which started in July 2023. Jason said that his life “hasn’t changed that much,” but Travis enthusiastically highlighted the positive impact Swift’s fans have made.

“It’s fun, man. I’m having a blast in life, baby. Just flyin’ high. Enjoying it all,” Travis remarked. He appreciated how the relationship is “Bringing new lives to the football world, and opening the football world up to new things as well.”

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