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Taylor Swift addresses her fans bluntly, stating the fact that, “You people might not realize the extent of my bond and feelings with Travis Kelce.” There is no other man on earth that can ever replace my true love than the Kansas City Chiefs Travis Kelce. He shows me everything I needed to know about how sweet love is and how much he loves me every minute, and our relationship is unbreakable and forever…



Even though Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have only begun dating in the summer, rumor among fans over when they would pop the question is already at an all-time high.
The speculations peaked just as Kelce was getting ready for the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl. Swift is not the first famous person to have encountered enthusiastic admirers eager to tie the knot as quickly as possible.

Both Swift and Kelce are 34 years old, and neither has tied the knot or gotten engaged. However, Swift’s admirers have been there for both her dating and breakups since they first became aware of her romances when she was a teenager.

The head of the department of communication studies at California State University in Los Angeles sent an email saying, “The eternal enthusiastic in me is saying that the public visualize marriage and want the best for the celebrities.”

“The pessimistic in me asserts that fans feel obligated to see all the pictures, “get the measure,” and know everything about celebrities’ lives. The next thing they want to see is Swift and Kelce get tied the knot.”

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