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Taylor Swift fans are taking the OBSESSION with Taylor Swift to the EXTREME and share their horror as they spot young baby on the FLOOR in the standing area ‘during the singer’s Eras Tour concert in Paris’ – This is really getting ABNORMAL and it’s really Shocking… Travis Kelce REACTS



A woman who claimed to have attended Taylor Swift’s Paris concert shocked fans as she shared a picture of a baby lying on the floor in the standing area of the arena.

The concert took place on Friday night at the La Défense Arena in the French capital and the post has since been widely reshared on X.

The viral tweet, which has now gained more than 1.7million views, has raised serious concerns among fans who were worried for the safety of the baby.

The photo shows a child lying on what appears to be a feathered boa or jacket as their guardian or parent stands over them.

It is unknown at what point in the night the photos were taken and whether the show had begun.

In the image, it seems the baby wearing ear protection from the noise while in close proximity to the huge crowd.

The caption of the post read: ‘Not to be one of those people but I would genuinely call security if I saw a baby in the pit because it is NOT safe there.’

La Défense Arena released a statement which read: ‘Paris La Defense Arena general terms and conditions of sale stipulate that all minors (without any age limit) holding a ticket for a concert at Paris La Défense arena must be accompanied by an adult.

‘Under 18 children remain under their legal guardian responsibility, it’s venue policy. For spectators with a young child in the floor, an alternative seating arrangement was proposed but refused by ticket holders.’

Furious fans were outraged at why the baby was even allowed in the arena and flooded X, formerly known as Twitter, with comments of concern.

‘As a mom of a baby that’s about this size, i couldn’t imagine being them into a concert at all.

‘I understand sitters are hard to find, so if you really needed to bring them, you shouldn’t be in the pit. you should have a carrier for them, and the baby needs ear protection.’

‘What in the actual… why. Just why. Why would you risk that? How were they even allowed to enter the pit area with the baby in the first place.’

‘How could they even think that bringing a baby in these kind of events is a good idea wth’

‘Can’t imagine how stressful it must have been for the baby to be in that environment’

‘wtf…wouldn’t a baby find it overwhelming too, it looks like they may have ear protectors on but even so it wld still be loud, chaotic, lots of movement & flashing lights etc :/

‘I don’t see the point in taking a baby to a concert tbh they are not gonna even know what’s going on.’

‘Laying on the floor of all places!’, ‘ONE person gets pushed. ONE girl gets too drunk. Like omg I’m mortified.’

‘Why would security let them in the first place? A concert is no place for a baby’

Taylor revealed during her second night performing in Paris that she has been working on The Tortured Poets Department segment of her Eras Tour since last year.

The singer, who has revamped her record-breaking tour, took a moment during her show to share details with her attentive audience.

‘We started planning this surprise for you about eight or nine months ago and then when we got “two months off” of the Eras Tour, we really didn’t take any time off at all.

‘We just went directly back into rehearsals. So I’d like to give it up for my crew, my dancers, and my band,’ she said during a break in the music.

Swift returned to her tour in style on Thursday as she unveiled new outfits on stage in Europe.

Fans went wild as the global megastar pulled out all the stops with her high-energy performance.

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