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Taylor Swift fans theory on ‘suspicious two-sign’ hand gesture she’s dropping lately



Fans think Taylor Swift could be dropping hints with a ‘two sign’ gesture during her Eras Tour performance.

Swifties know the singer loves to drop ‘Easter eggs’ that hint towards new music, and many think Taylor Swift‘s latest gesture could refer to her upcoming album named The Tortured Poets Department. Let’s break it down…

Taylor Swift’s ‘two sign’ gesture has caught fans attention.

Since the start of her career, Taylor Swift has used ‘Easter eggs’ to hide secret messages, hints, clues, and teasers in her content, usually about upcoming music.

The popstar’s Easter eggs might appear in music videos, costumes, lyrics, social media captions, or even gestures.

Recently, Taylor Swift has been spotted on stage holding up two fingers, which could represent either the number two or the peace sign with her hands.

During the Eras Tour show in Singapore, fans recorded Taylor performing the ‘two sign’ gesture and people are speculating all over social media about what exactly this could mean.

Fans are eager to know what the hand gesture means, and why she keeps emphasizing it…

Some fans think the ‘two sign’ represents Taylor’s Version

One theory circulating the Internet suggests the ‘two sign’ represents ‘TV’ – an abbreviation for Taylor’s Version. In the Swifty fanbase, Taylor’s Version songs mean she owns the master of the song being played. She has been working on re-recording her album over recent years after her masters of her first records were sold without her knowledge.

If this is the case, Taylor could be holding up the ‘two sign’ gesture to signal a Taylor’s Version album may be released alongside with her new album. Meaning, two records are on the way, not just the new one.

The Tortured Poets Department is the upcoming eleventh studio album by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, set for release on 19 April 2024, through Republic Records.

A fan explained this theory in a viral TikTok video, and many people seem to agree.

The superstar celebrity also seemed to gesture this same ‘two sign’ when accepting a Grammy award after winning her fourth album of the year win on 4 February 2024.

Swifties think The Tortured Poets Department could be a double-drop
Another theory shared by Swifties online suggests that The Tortured Poets Department is going to be a double drop with a sister album.

A fan on Twitter explained: “The tracklist and all the variants that have been released represent the five stages of grief in their most painful/negative manifestation a person can experience…”

The theory continued to speculate that the double drop could be a sister album, that is light and airy and has a “more lover vibe” to represent the upside of living through grief in a positive way of personal growth.

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