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Taylor Swift Threatens Legal Action Against Fans Amidst Sparring Footage Drama : fire back at critics over her drinking habit “What I Do With My Life is Nobodies Business, Bunch of losers”



Taylor Swift might have sung: “I’m drunk in the back of a car and I cried like a baby” in her song Cruel Summer, but it seems that she tends to hold her liquor better in public.

The pop singer is a frequent topic of discussion on the Instagram gossip page Deuxmoi – from where she dines to what her relationship with Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce is “really” like. Deuxmoi can best be described as a real life Gossip Girl where people submit celebrity sightings or share anonymous information about movies, music, and anyone in the public eye.

Sometimes the page asks its followers to send in “hot gossip” and ask any questions they want, and one fan of the Love Story singer had a request. “Ask your followers if they’ve ever served [Taylor Swift] and if she can hold her liquor or is sloppy?” one person asked.

One of the page’s two million followers seemed to have the answer. Someone anonymously texted Deuxmoi about their experience with Taylor while serving her drinks.

“To answer your follower’s question: I have served TS twice, about six years apart at the same establishment. Most recent was with Joe [Alwyn] towards end of their relationship,” the text started. Joe and Taylor reportedly broke up in April of this year, possibly putting the interaction around then.

The anonymous text continued: “Both times drank in moderation at most and didn’t act anything but normal. Have seen her at parties as well and she is always together. Both times I interacted with her she was EXTREMELY nice, like genuinely friendly. At least that’s how it felt, compared to…others.”

Though Deuxmoi makes sure to put on their page that “some statements made on this account have not been independently confirmed,” they are sometimes credible in their statements.

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