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Toni Braxton’s 2 Kids: All About Denim and Diezel Braxton-Lewis



Toni Braxton is a proud mom to her kids: Denim and Diezel Braxton-Lewis.

The Grammy award-winning R&B singer shares her children with ex-husband Keri Lewis. The former couple, who wed in 1998, welcomed their first child, Denim, in 2001. Less than two years later, their second son, Diezel, was born.
“Motherhood is my favorite thing in the world. I love being a mother,” Toni once said in an interview with Healthy Living.

Speaking to Today in 2006, Toni opened up about balancing motherhood with her career and the challenges of being on the road.

It’s been hard, I can’t deny it,” she said, adding, “I’m a real hands-on mom, really involved with my kids and their day-to-day activities.”

Here’s everything to know about Toni Braxton’s kids: Denim and Diezel Braxton-Lewis.

Denim Cole Braxton-Lewis, 22
My son Denim, it was supposed to be spelled D-e-n-h-a-m, like Oldham, but when we were in the hospital, in Atlanta, the nurse said, ‘How’s little baby Den-ham?’ So, we started spelling it like the jean,” Toni previously explained to OK! Magazine of her name choice.

She added, “I think names can define you. I think it’s important that kids have their own identity.”

After separating in 2009, Toni and Keri finalized their divorce in 2013. While sitting down for an interview with AmoMama, Denim spoke about his parents’ divorce, saying, “They kept a great friendship, which really helped me and my brother feel comfortable.”

He went on to explain that, “because they handled it so well,” the divorce didn’t impact his relationship with his parents.

Denim played basketball throughout high school, and when he graduated in 2020, he enrolled in Grand Canyon University to study sports management.

In recent years, Denim has taken an interest in modeling and fashion.

He joined his brother on the runway for Marcell Von Berlin’s Spring 2022 show in Los Angeles, and they also took part in a Diesel campaign alongside their famous mother.

Diezel Ky Braxton-Lewis, 21

By the time Diezel was a year old, Toni had begun to notice that his development was behind. Two years later, he was diagnosed with autism, and Toni experienced different emotions about it.

“A lot of times, parents are in denial because they want to think their child is perfect. But it’s just that these kids have to be taught differently,” she said. “I’ve been embracing that. I’ve come to terms with it. He’s a wonderful kid.”

After his diagnosis, Toni became involved with the organization Autism Speaks in 2010. She and a then-7-year-old Diezel even participated in a PSA together for WEtv. Over the years, she has credited the organization for its help.

At 9 years old, Diezel made his acting debut in the Lifetime movie, Twist of Faith, which also starred his famous mom.

Initially, he was going to play her son in the film, but Toni ultimately decided against it, saying, “I thought him carrying the movie and trying to do the movie and tutoring would have been too much for him.”

When Diezel was 15, he started modeling. In 2021, he graduated from his private Los Angeles high school. He celebrated the special moment with both of his parents and his older brother.

Toni congratulated her younger son with an Instagram photo, sharing what’s next for him with a caption that read, “Mom is so proud of you. Howard University here he comes!”

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