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Travis Kelce Breaks Down in Tears on New Podcast after receiving Sad News Of Jason’s Wife Cancer Diagnosis



The Kelce Bowl: Jason and Travis Kelce shed tears while talking about their mom’s role during Super Bowl LVII

The two brothers shared an emotional “New Heights” podcast episode before taking a break.

Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce on the “New Heights” podcastScreengrab from Youtube: @newheightshow

Jason and Travis Kelce once again taped an episode of their popular podcast, “New Heights”, which will be the last one they upload in several weeks, as they’ll take a break after playing in Super Bowl LVII this past Sunday.

The show had both of the players’ takes on the game and the outcome, with Jason Kelce even talking about his possible retirement and how he isn’t ready to make a decision just yet on whether he’s returning or not.

The Kelce brothers alsho shared an emotional moment on the podcast when talking about their mother and having her during Super Bowl week.

Jason and Travis Kelce cried when talking about their mom
At one point, a bit more than an hour into the episode, Jason Kelce talked about the first moment he got emotional after the Super Bowl, which came when he saw his mom for the first time, because it was, in his words, amazing.

She was on top of the world for a week,” Jason said while tearing up.

“She was the heavyweight champ,” Travis replied while also trying to hold his tears.

Then both went on to continue the emotional moment talking about their parents.

The Kelce brothers chose their fanbase name
Jason and Travis Kelce had made a bet that the winner of Super Bowl LVII would be the one to pick their show’s fanbase name, out of the two most voted options by their own fans.

Travis had the choice and explained his selection after misleading Jason for a bit.

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