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Travis Kelce defended by brother Jason after Taylor Swift’s boyfriend accused of ‘acting like a jacka**’ for downing a beer while getting his diploma at the end of New Heights live on Thursday night



Jason Kelce has defended his younger brother Travis from fierce criticism after he downed a beer while getting his University of Cincinnati diploma at the end of New Heights live on Thursday night.

Taylor Swift‘s boyfriend was criticized on social media for his antics and Jason hit back at them on Saturday afternoon on X.

A fan tweeted him saying: ‘Please question your brother for the graduation antics?

‘Doing what you did at a playoff game in buffalo is one thing but doing that at the college where he got kicked off the team for acting like a jackass prob wasn’t best idea.’

Jason replied: ‘I know it looks like a graduation from the video, but this was actually at the end of a New Heights Live podcast that we put on to raise money for the University’s NIL. ‘


Jason Kelce defended his brother Travis’ decision to chug beer at the University of Cincinnati.

The Kelces received the diplomas from the university after their live New Heights show.

The university did this to poke fun at my brother and I for never really picking up our diplomas.’

Both Kelces completed their degrees but did not walk across the stage and receive their diplomas after entering the NFL. While Jason explained that the ceremony was just a gag arranged with the University, X users were still displeased with Travis’ display on the stage.

‘Look at 34-year-old Travis Kelce acting like a 16-year-old teenager who just had his first beer,’ one user wrote. ‘Seriously, is there a bigger D-Bag in all of professional sports than this.’

‘Travis Kelce is NOT a role model for your sons,’ another added. ‘This is loser mentality! Kids, you can be better than this.’

Both Kelces completed their degrees but never picked up their diplomas after joining the NFL.

Jason was drafted by the Eagles in 2011 and Travis was selected by the Chiefs two years later

The Kelces took their successful podcast in front of a live audience in their alma mater after Travis won his third Super Bowl title, and Jason called it a career after 13 seasons.

New Heights is currently second in Spotify’s sports podcast charts, behind Mind The Game with LeBron James and JJ Redick. It also sits second on Apple Podcast behind Barstool Sports’ Pardon My Take.

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