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Travis Kelce ex-girlfriend gives clear insight why he CAN’T KEEP A WOMAN



Fans have accused Kayla Nicole of seeking to get back into the spotlight or even his life, after they broke up in 2022 in what became a very public fall out due to her prominence on social media and his role in the NFLso the action to respond to his direct family is inconsistent with her claiming she needed to move on.

The reality is I know these people in real life,” Nicole said to People, of her unfollowing spree. “And so, in real life, I’ve communicated to these people why I’ve had to publicly make the decisions that I made.

“I have to move forward and everyone has to respect that. And hopefully when they respect that, that means that they’re no longer inserting me into things that do not involve me.”She’s so desperate and Kylie clearly isn’t gonna keep contact. It’s not like kayla was ever married to Travis or had kids”.

A second user wrote, “The desperate pick me energy is getting ridiculous. Leave that family alone WTF! They weren’t married, they didn’t have kids, go live your life girl!”

Whilst a third added, “It’s beyond pathetic of her. Unfollowing Brittany and Patrick and everyone else claiming she was protecting her peace is such BS! No one had even posted anything about her at the time & the only one who even has is Brit.”

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