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Travis Kelce expressed his feeling of being a newcomer when participating in a new horror TV series



Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, despite his extensive experience in high-stakes games, acknowledged his newfound status in the field.
During a discussion on their “New Heights” podcast, Jason Kelce, Travis’ brother and former Philadelphia Eagles center, dug deeper into Travis’ new venture. Travis expressed his surprise when Ryan Murphy offered him the role, and praised Murphy’s multi-faceted talent as a writer and director.

Describing his initial feelings as an amateur, he humorously added that he had not been fired yet, showing his appreciation for the opportunity.

Travis candidly shares his initial concerns about memorizing lines but emphasizes the importance of understanding the nature of the scene and delivering it convincingly. Grateful for the supportive environment on set as well as the guidance of the cast and crew, Travis reflects on the exciting experience of delving into this new creative endeavor.

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