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Travis Kelce opens up on ‘absolutely unbelievable’ trip to Paris with Taylor Swift, hanging out with Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper – and why the Eras Tour is getting ‘better and better’



Travis Kelce had a ‘blast’ dancing with Taylor Swift’s pals Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper at her ‘unbelievable’ Paris Eras Tour show over the weekend.

The Kansas City Chiefs player reflected on his trip across the pond while chatting to Jason Kelce on Wednesday’s episode of the New Heights podcast.

‘I had a blast at Tay’s show, the new rendition of the Eras Tour – I suggest everyone go see it,’ he gushed.

Travis Kelce was seen dancing with Taylor Swift’s friends Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper.

Travis also called the Hangover actor and his model girlfriend ‘amazing,’ noting they recently bonded with his mother, Donna Kelce, at an event in New York.

‘I got to see Gigi and Bradley Cooper. BC, big Coop. We were all in the suite having a blast,’ he said.


‘Of course, [Cooper] is a big Eagles fan – and he got to see mom. He was opening a restaurant in New York, they were doing a fun event for the ladies and mom pulled up, and so did Ms. Cooper, Bradley’s mom. Shoutout to them.’

Gigi Hadid, Bradley Cooper and Travis Kelce watch Taylor Swift

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The tight end later defended filming his girlfriend’s performance with his camera flash on. Jason described it as an ‘Ed Kelce move,’ in reference to the brothers’ dad.

‘You know, the settings on the camera … if it’s dark, it’s going to automatically put the flash on. I don’t understand, I was just trying to get some good video, some good memories,’ he laughed.

‘I don’t know if [the shows] are getting better or if I just keep forgetting how they are [but] it was electric in there … It looks like they’re having so much fun up there, and they’re absolutely killing it.’

The three-time Super Bowl champ, who started dating the pop star last summer, has been in attendance at several Eras Tour shows after Swift showed up for him at almost every Chiefs game last season.

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