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Trey Kennedy Shares Hilarious Take on How Travis Kelce Will Ask for Taylor Swift’s Dad’s Blessing to Propose



NFL star Travis Kelce’s pursuit of Taylor Swift’s hand in marriage gets hilariously imagined in a viral comic skit by TikTok’s Trey Kennedy, featuring cameos from Patrick Mahomes and Taylor’s dad.

In a hilarious viral TikTok skit, comedian Trey Kennedy has envisioned how NFL star Travis Kelce might propose to his girlfriend, pop icon Taylor Swift.

The skit, posted last week, sees Kennedy portraying both Kelce and Swift’s father, Scott, as the football player seeks his prospective father-in-law’s blessing for marriage.

Kennedy’s impersonation of Kelce is spot-on, capturing the Kansas City Chiefs tight end’s determination to “tie down Tay Tay.”

Travis Kelce’s poetic persuasion and Patrick Mahomes’ Kermit-like cameo
The skit showcases Kennedy’s Kelce unleashing a barrage of poetic persuasion to convince Scott Swift. “We’re meant to be, sir. Hey, I’m a tortured poet, too, and I didn’t even know it,” he says with exaggerated laughter.

He adds, “And the feeling of winning the Super Bowls is nothing compared to the feeling of being with your daughter, sir. She gives me love, support, strength.”

The comedian, as Kelce, declares, “She’s already blessed me, so I hope giving out blessings runs in the family.” He adds, “I already got my rings. It’s time to give her one.”

Kennedy, as Scott, replies, “Now, you know it’s going to be tough if we let a Chief in the family because we are Eagles,” to which Kennedy (as Kelce) says, “Sir, I’ve been soaring on your daughter’s wings ever since I met her. No, like, literally. She private jets everywhere.”

Adding to the humor, Kennedy seamlessly weaves in a cameo from Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, mimicking his perceived Kermit the Frog-like voice.

“You’re going great, Trav,” Kennedy’s Mahomes chimes in. “Can’t wait to hop down the aisle. Hope the hors d’oeuvres are insects!”

Prenups, divorce albums, and a Shakespearean twist
As the skit progresses, Kennedy’s Scott Swift expresses concerns about a potential divorce, quipping, “Well sure, let’s do it. Why not? I mean, what’s the worst that could happen—you get divorced, and we get an even better album?”

Kelce, however, remains steadfast, promising, “That won’t happen, sir, I promise you that. Juliet finally found her Romeo.” In a Shakespearean twist, Scott reminds him, “You do know how that story ends, right?”

The skit concludes with Scott calling for “Bodyguard No. 43” to escort Kelce out, only for the football star to shout “Cleveland!!” as a nod to his tight end prowess.

Fans revel in the hilarious scenario
Fans of the power couple, dubbed “TayVis” or “SwElce,” have reveled in Kennedy’s hilarious imagining. Comments range from anticipating Kelce’s potential wedding antics to speculating whether the real Kelce has seen the skit.

One commenter quipped, “Travis at the wedding: you gotta fight for your right to PARTYYY,” while another mused, “Why do I believe Travis would totally say, ‘I got my ring, time to get TayTay hers?'”

One fan wrote, “@New Heights I need Jason [Kelce] to see this more than Travis,” while another said, “C’mon….we all know that Jason will be the best man…Pat will be next in line.?”

The video now has attracted more than 578,000 views and over 51,000 likes on TikTok. With its witty impersonations, clever wordplay, and relatable humor, Kennedy’s skit has struck a chord with fans, providing a lighthearted glimpse into the potential future of one of the most talked-about celebrity couples.

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