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VIDEO VIRAL: Taylor Swift Suffered Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction That Exposed Her Underwear While Performing In Stockholm



Pop sensation Taylor Swift suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on her Eras Tour this week.

Swift, now girlfriend to Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, is back in Europe after a lengthy break and took her voice to Stockholm, Sweden, where she had a bit of a hiccup on stage.

The singer’s dress ripped open during her performance while she was trying to fix a technical issue. Apparently, her mic pack came out of place.

Swift had to undo the entire dress in front of the crowd to get it fixed but handled the whole thing like a pro.

ET Online reports that the 34-year-old was performing on night three of her Eras Tour at Stockholm’s Friends Arena and needed to fix the mics attached to the back of her dress.

“After telling fans that the device had “come undone,” Swift jokingly asked the audience to “just talk amongst yourselves” for a moment,” the outlet states.

“She then quickly moved to another part of he stage and took a seat at her piano while fully opening her blue wrap dress for better access to the mic pack. Underneath, Swift was still wearing her two piece costume from “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart,” which came right before the surprise songs in her setlist.”

Taylor Swift Had A Great Time In Stockholm
Taylor Swift seemed like she enjoyed herself in Stockholm, with the wardrobe malfunction probably now long forgotten.

She’s since taken to Instagram to thank the fans who came out to see her show.

Meanwhile, Kelce, who has been overseas to see her perform several times, is likely back in the United States for Chiefs OTAs after spending time with her in Europe.

Everyone Said The Same Thing About Taylor Swift’s Wild Wardrobe Malfunction In Stockholm.

Fans all said the same thing about Taylor Swift after her wardrobe malfunction in Stockholm, Sweden.

Swift Eras Tour took her to said city recently, but her performance at Friends Arena didn’t go quite as smoothly as she planned.

The pop star was in the middle of a performance when she had reason to undo her dress on stage in front of everyone to fix a mic pack that, according to her, had “come undone.”

She paused to rectify the issue, undoing her dress and showing her undies while asking the audience to just talk among themselves while she got it fixed.

A crew member came to assist with the situation before she did a silly dance while fixing her dress back on and continuing with the show.

The 34-year-old pop songstress handled a sound and wardrobe malfunction like a pro over the weekend, boldly untying her entire dress onstage as she attempted to rectify a technical difficulty,” ET Online reported.

“In a video shared on social media, Swift is seen on night three of her Eras Tour stop at Friends Arena in Stokholm, Sweden, messing with a mic pack attached to the back of her costume during the surprise songs section of her show.”

Fans on social media were impressed by her poise.

“Even when there’s a malfunction she’s adorable,” one wrote in the comments.

“I love how she feels so comfortable and confident that we love these moments,” wrote another.

“Would it be the eras tour with out an error lol,” a user joked.

Another said, “How can someone be so beautiful.”

Taylor Swift Is Back With A Bang

Taylor Swift resumed her Eras Tour in May after a break spanning several weeks. During that break, she launched her 11th studio album, ‘The Tortured Poets Department.’

With a whole new album out, there’s much more for fans to enjoy at her concerts.

The 34-year-old kicked things off in Paris, before heading to Lake Como, Italy, for a romantic getaway with Travis Kelce. After that, she picked things back up in Stockholm.

She is scheduled to perform in Lisbon, Portugal, on Friday and Saturday.

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