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Watch : I’m disgusted by Taylor Swift! “It’s too much for me to handle,” exclaims Travis Kelce, ending his romance with Taylor Swift…



Travis Kelce has recently been besotted with Taylor Swift, but someone else in his life has his heart: his three nieces Wyatt, Bennett, and Elliotte.

Travis is a great uncle,” an insider told People. “He loves spending time with his nieces. They try to do typical family stuff.”

The NFL’s tight end’s tight-nit bond with brother Jason Kelce’s daughters became public when the latter’s eldest daughter appeared on their podcast New Heights.

The father-of-three sweetly said, “Wyatt asked if she could say hi.” Travis replied, “What’s up girly? How are you doing?” asking, “How was gymnastics?”Besides Wyatt, Jason’s youngest kid Elliotte was also on the show via screen.”You’re smiling big,” Travis gushed to the toddler. “You’re making my day.”

Speaking about friends and family, the 34-year-old former Chiefs teammate Tyreek Hill jokingly told the press that the podcaster is not responding to his texts.

“I texted Kelce,” adding, “He still hasn’t texted me back.”

Amid Taylor’s romance, he took a humourous jab at him, “He’s probably still on his Taylor Swift thing… but yeah, man, those guys are too famous for me now, I guess.”

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