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Watch video: 16 Years After Enrolling at University of Cincinnati, Travis Kelce Graduates After Chugging Beer on the Podium



Travis Kelce was set to achieve everything he couldn’t because of his busy schedule throughout the years. After winning the Super Bowl and getting into a relationship with a multi-talented singer Taylor Swift. The Chiefs TE had his mind set on a task that he hadn’t completed since 2013. And that task was to graduate and earn a degree from the University of Cincinnati.

But all of that changed tonight when the Kelce brothers took a trip back to the old days and filmed the “New Heights” podcast at Cincinnati’s Fifth Third Arena. The night was full of fun, the whole Kelce family was there, from entry to departure, marking another milestone in Kelce’s life. The Chiefs TE attended UC from 2008-2012 but didn’t graduate for more than a decade, which he changed tonight, and he did it with flair.

Life has come full circle for Travis Kelce
According to the University of Cincinnati, “Travis attended UC from 2008-2012, playing alongside Jason during their overlapping years. He was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2013, and he’s played there for his entire career.” After more than a decade, Jason and Travis Kelce finally got time to collect their diplomas.
Cincinnati Bearcats and Dov Kleiman took to X and shared wholesome details of the event. Kleiman’s post on X said, “Awesome: Travis Kelce finally receives his college diploma while SLAMMING down a beer .” The post shows a video of Kelce collecting the degree, but before that, he chugged a can of beer before a huge crowd and slammed it on the stage.

As he collected the degree, he presented it to the crowd like a gladiator and took a photo with university authorities. But what did Kelce graduate in? A hilarious conversation between him and his brother revealed a few things about his student life.

Travis Kelce didn’t want to go to jail!

Kelce missed the flight when he was supposed to go to Cincinnati to collect his degree. In one instance, the Kelce brothers got together, and Jason Kelce spilled some beans about his younger brother.

“Travis is supposed to be graduating from Cincinnati this weekend.” Said the elder brother exposing the Chiefs TE. Travis replied, “You’re gonna throw me under the bus like that?” Jason Kelce then revealed, “Took him 12 years to graduate.,” and asked Travis what he majored in.

“I was a criminal justice major. Not easy to just get out of there in 5 years with a degree.”

But the Super Bowl-winning TE had his reasons behind doing that specific major as he explained, “I didn’t know what I wanted to learn, so I thought I might as well learn the law. Stay out of jail, Jason. Have you seen me in cuffs before? No.”

Kelce brothers’ life has come full circle, now that the elder has retired from the football field and other has found immense success and a beautiful, multi-talented girlfriend. What more could he want?

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