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WATCH VIDEO – Taylor defended the fan against the security guard extremely harshly “OMG thats awesome!! And then stopping g to yell at the guard!!!! As my 13 yr old saus.”s



WATCH: Taylor Swift’s Evolution from Country Princess to Pop StarKay, so by now, you’ve definitely seen the footage of Taylor Swift interrupting “Bad Blood” during her Philadelphia show to stop a security guard who was getting in the way of a fan. But just in case you missed it, enjoy Taylor fully shutting this moment down:

And now the Swiftie in question is finally speaking out!

Kelly Inglis hopped on her friend’s TikTok to explain the situation, saying, “I was the girl that Taylor talked to last night. Basically, the guard had been harassing our group all night, just to, like…he just kept telling us not to touch the rail and, like, anytime we did anything, he was on top of us. We’re dancing, we’re having fun, and he didn’t like it. And Taylor noticed that I was having fun and that he didn’t like it, and she didn’t like it and then he basically, like, got escorted out. And then they offered us free tickets for tonight.”

She added, “It wasn’t this big crazy thing, it was just a bunch of girls having a good time and he didn’t want us to have fun.”

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Inglis also told the Daily Mail, “I was just dancing and this security guard was just crazy, yelling at us. He didn’t want us to take photos in front of the stage. He was being very strict. Every time he passed us, we had to stand back because we were worried he would kick us out. He had been like that all night; he was really annoyed. I know Taylor Swift—she wants people to come to her shows and have fun. I wasn’t doing anything outrageous, I wasn’t trying to get to the other side of the barrier. Every time we would dance, he would say, ‘You need to back up.’”

“I don’t think I even put it together at first. The crazy part is that he kept yelling at me. My sister then was shouting, ‘Turn around, Taylor is yelling at you.’ He didn’t know what was going on.”

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