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Breaking News:The Kansas City Chiefs’ stars Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce be Netflix’s “men of the hour”, Now the official streaming and viewer numbers have been released here.



Though the Kansas City Chiefs may have taken exception to some of the vitriol thrown their way by its “guest of honor,” Netflix’s “The Roast of Tom Brady” appears to have been a rousing success.
Though the official streaming and viewer numbers have yet to be released, the viral nature of the Roast’s jokes on social media seem to suggest that the event was quite popular within every corner of pop culture.
Therefore, it should be a foregone conclusion that a second live event to honor (and dishonor) a highly-celebrated athlete is already being considered.
In fact, one may say it is a “safe bet.”

Much to the delight – or perhaps anxiety – of Chiefs Kingdom, two key members of the defending Super Bowl champions are among the sportsbook’s top-10 targets: quarterback Patrick Mahomes at 9/1 and tight end Travis Kelce at 8/1.
Per the parameters of their exercise, BetOnline limited their scope to athletes who met the following criteria:

“It has to be someone with a big ego, the ability to make fun of themselves, and have a massive following globally,” the site wrote.
As a three-time Super Bowl Champion (including three Super Bowl MVPs,) two-time NFL MVP and three-time All Pro, Mahomes has already had the career about which most athletes can only dream. At age 28, he is just entering the prime of his career. Though Brady may still maintain the unofficial title of “greatest of all time” when it comes to NFL quarterbacks, Mahomes is the only current player at the position with a legitimate shot to unseat the former New England Patriot atop the league’s historical mountain.
Kelce, also a three-time Super Bowl champ, is a nine-time Pro Bowler and a seven-time All Pro with four first-team nods. Already considered one of the greatest tight ends in league history, Kelce’s rapturous personality, as well as his high-profile relationship with pop superstar Taylor Swift makes him the more-likely target in the near future.
As the old saying goes … to the victor, go the spoils
Or in this case, the “spills.”

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