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Taylor Swift say out the reason why she Skipped the Met Gala After-Parties, “She also say to a fan she was drunk the day” check out what Travis Kelce said after hearing this.



Hi, hello, I’m here with the latest updates on the celeb couple you love to love, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. A few days before the 2024 Met Gala, TMZ reported that they would be “passing on” the coveted fashion event despite receiving “individual invitations.” After scrolling through the web post–Met Gala, it doesn’t seem like Tay and Trav hit up any after-parties either—and there were a ton.
As we know, Taylor is about to head to Paris to continue the international leg of her Eras Tour. Lest we forget this woman initially prepped for her 3.5-hour set by singing the entire setlist on a treadmill for six months? So, yeah, with prep/travel time, skipping out on the Met Gala is understandable.

As for Travis, this man was making his way across the country literal *days* before the Met Gala. For starters, he made his way to the Churchill Downs in Louisville and looked dapper as hell at the Kentucky Derby as he cheered on the race in the crowd on Saturday, May 4:

The next day, Killa Trav attended American Express’s Carbone Beach party during F1 weekend and snapped a pic with the famous chef (don’t mind me, just craving spicy vodka pasta now).
The Kansas City Chiefs tight end is also reportedly joining Taylor on the road. He recently confirmed that he’ll be hitting up some tour stops to Entertainment Tonight, saying, “She’ll be all over Europe. There won’t be a bad show, I promise you that. Oh, you know I gotta go support. You know it,” he told the outlet.
Aaand there you have it! At least they skipped out on the Met Gala curse, lol.

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