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Can this be True?Social Media Detectives Are Convinced Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift Are Faking Their Relationship After Sketchy Video Evidence Surfaces On Popular TikTok Account



Following the viral footage of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift appearing to smoke something while partying on the back of the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win, another clip has surfaced online showing an interaction from that night.
In the video below, internet detectives point out that Kelce put his sunglasses on and whispered something to Swift after noticing a camera was on him before acting as if he was enjoying himself.

“You can’t convince me that this is [real],” the caption reads.

As you can see in the footage, there’s a camera trained on the couple from behind the whole time that they must have noticed.

“100000% this is a PR relationship,” one user wrote.

“She’s never been this open about any of her other relationships,” another user noted. “It’s like the overacting she does in her music videos. All staged for PR.”

“It’s definitely orchestrated,” another commented.

Another wrote: “At first I thought they were cute, but then I saw footage of him and Kayla and I realized that he and Taylor had no chemistry.”

There were rumors claiming the relationship between the two was manufactured to give Joe Biden a leg up in the upcoming elections leading up to the Super Bowl.

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