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Don’t matter’ – Taylor Swift fans applaud Travis Kelce’s wedding planning advice as he says grooms DON’T need control over



The athlete and his brother, Jason Kelce, discussed the planning process in an advertisement for Zola on Wednesday’s episode of “New Heights.”

“[Zola] knows that the pressure of planning a perfect wedding can be stressful,” Jason, 36, said of the wedding website.

The retired Philadelphia Eagles player, who has been married to Kylie Kelce since 2018, added, “Ain’t that the truth.”

Travis chimed in, “No one… currently understands that pressure better than our very own [podcast employee] Jets Jake.”

The former Philadelphia Eagles player explained that Jake is one month away from getting married and needs Zola to “guide” him through “every step of the wedding planning process, from finding your venue to [the] registry.”

Jake then admitted that his fiancée was handling all of the prep for their upcoming ceremony.

“I’m proud of you. Because you don’t matter, Jake,” Travis joked. “You don’t matter and none of your decisions should be made by you.”

Jake said that he did have “some” input — to which the Kansas City Chiefs player, 34, said that his wants should just be “reassuring opinions.”

The tight end advised, “Just keep asking her what she wants.”

The brothers then went on to tell their listeners not to follow Jake’s example and instead use Zola to plan a wedding.

Fans were immediately impressed by Travis’ words of wisdom amid his blooming relationship with Swift.

“For someone who is not married and probably not been involved in many wedding planning, Travis sure know the process of planning a wedding. It’s like he’s talking from an experience,” one person wrote on X, suggesting that Travis and the pop star could secretly be planning their own nuptials.

“new heights accepting a wedding planner as a sponsor sissies you have lost your goddamn mind,” a second Swiftie wrote.

“also that delivery deserves jail time because that would’ve been the most sick and twisted way to drop the nuke you ABSOLUTE PSYCHOS,” the social media user continued

“The title … really is icing on the cake,” another added, referencing the “New Ring” episode name. “And I’m sorry but I’ve never heard a non engaged man know so much about being engaged….”

“They’re just trying to screw with everyone since the whole world is obsessed with them getting engaged/married! A+ troll job,” a netizen suggested, with another calling the siblings “high level elite” trolls

Swift and Travis began dating in July 2023, and two months later, they announced their relationship to the world.

In January, Page Six was informed by sources that Kelce intended to pop the question to the Grammy-winning musician this summer, marking their one-year anniversary.

“Taylor and Travis discussed it,” the insider claimed at the time.

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