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Taylor Swift Reacts Surprisingly to a Fan-Created Clip for the Song ‘The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived’ from Her Album TTPD as the ‘Official Music Video’



The hitmaker, 34, gave the ultimate praise to creator Giacomo Benavides, who shared the clip in honor of the track from her most recent album, The Tortured Poets Department, to his social media earlier this week.

In the video Giacomo gives a passionate performance to go along with the song’s heartbreaking lyrics.
Taylor — who devastated fans after missing Met Gala for eighth year in a row on Monday — praised her loyal Swiftie, commenting on his post: ‘This is the official music video’ along with a trophy emoji.

A shocked Giacomo replied: ‘MOTHER?!???!? SCREAMING CRYING THROWING UPPPPPPP’ with three crying emojis.

n The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived, widely believed to be about Swift’s short-lived romance with The 1975 frontman Matty Healy, 35, the star shares her disappointment and confusion over a breakup.

Giacomo’s clip starts out at the second half of the song, with Swift singing, ‘Were you sent by someone who wanted me dead?/ Did you sleep with a gun underneath our bed?/ Were you writing a book? Were you a sleeper cell spy?’

The TikToker is seen stepping out of a car garage in a baby blue cardigan while hobbling and holding onto his side, as if he had been injured.

He then pulls out a fake gun from underneath a car while continuing to sing along passionately.

He then gets taken away by two men as a police car drives by as Swift sings, ‘In fifty years, will all this be declassified?/ And you’ll confess why you did it.’

Elsewhere in the song Swift ponders if anything in the relationship was ‘true’ as she describes a man gazing at her ‘starry-eyed’ and wearing a ‘Jehovah’s Witness suit’.

It seems to be a reference to Healy who frequently performs in a black suit and tie during his shows.

She goes on to say the man ‘ghosted’ her before adding, ‘I don’t even want you back, I just want to know, if rusting my sparkling summer was the goal.’

It again points to Matty as the muse for the song, as Swift reportedly dated him in the summer of 2023, following her breakup with longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn, 33.

Swift goes on to sing, ‘I don’t miss what we had, but could someone give/ A message to the smallest man who ever lived?’

Late she brutally adds, ‘You didn’t measure up/ In any measure of a man.’

The superstar shares her pain over the heartbreak, singing, ‘I would’ve died for your sins/ Instead, I just died inside.’

She ends the ballad with the lyrics, ‘And I’ll forget you, but I’ll never forgive/ The smallest man who ever lived.’

Swift’s eleventh studio album was released on April 19.

Before the album was released many speculated that it would detail her breakup with Alwyn, but much of the album it appears to instead focus on her short-lived romance with Healy.

However, fans noted few songs also seemed to be about her current relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, 34.

Among them is the track ‘So High School’, which compares her feelings for her beau to being sixteen again.

‘Truth, dare, spin bottles / You know how to ball, I know Aristotle / Brand new, full throttle / Touch me when your bros play Grand Theft Auto,’ she sings in the second verse, referring the dynamic of athlete and pop star.

Another track that seems to be dedicated to Kelce is ‘The Alchemy,’ which uses sports metaphors like making ‘touchdowns’ and cutting loser exes ‘from the team.’

It comes after Kelce has been called out for being both ‘corny’ and ‘cheesy’ over his reaction to attention amid his high-profile romance with Swift.

That’s according to country star Jana Kramer, who was notably married to former NFL player Mike Caussin from 2015 to 2021.

‘He reminds me of my ex,’ the One Tree Hill TV star, 40, told Josie Van Dyke during the Sunday, May 5, episode of her ‘Whine Down’ podcast.

‘But it just feels a little corny, cheesy. It just feels like he’s loving the attention.’

Kramer further revealed that she initially ‘loved’ the couple’s PDA-filled relationship – like when Swift and Kelce kissed on the field right after Kansas City’s AFC Championship win – but then started to take note of some of the Chiefs tight end’s behavioral patterns.

And then I’ve just kind of heard things that I don’t love. But again, I just want everyone to be happy is what I’ll default to. I don’t know, it’s something about him that reminds me of my ex that just rubs me the wrong way,’ Kramer continued.

She then alleged: ‘To me, he’s always drunk. Every time I’ve ever seen a video he’s just always drunk. And I hope she doesn’t go on that. I see her drinking more now, like the company you keep.’

Kelce and Swift are close to hitting the one-year mark in their romance as the pair were first romantically linked in the summer of 2023.

The popstar revealed in her Time Magazine Person of the Year profile that she and Kelce were already dating by the time she saw him play against the Chicago Bears in his family’s suite back in September.

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