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Why does ‘MONEY RAIN’ appear every time Taylor Swift appears?



Taylor Swift has just finished her world tour The Eras Tour in France, lasting from May 9-12 (local time).

After France, Taylor Swift will bring The Eras Tour to Sweden, Portugal, Spain, England, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Poland and Austria.

According to The Guardian, Taylor Swift’s appearance still brings great significance when promoting business activities in many fields from hotels to other business services such as food and drinks.

For example, a place that is not very fond of the stars of the world’s largest music market, but all of Taylor Swift’s concerts in Paris (France) were sold out when they first opened. Forbes estimates that about 42,000 French audiences meet Taylor Swift every night.

Paris La Défense Arena reports that merchandise sales during this period doubled the previous record. Hotels and restaurants in Paris were revealed to be packed throughout the weekend.

Jack Ezon – founder of travel company Embark Beyond, said on Forbes: “In Paris, the average room price this week at luxury hotels increased by 36% over the same period last year, coinciding with the venue for Taylor Swift’s 4 concerts”.

Similarly, the city of Stockholm (Sweden) is also predicted to receive a “rain of money” from The Eras Tour.

On Traveltomorrow, expert from the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce – Carl Bergqvist said that airlines have added flights from Denmark, Finland and Norway to serve the travel needs of audiences coming here to watch the shows. performing from May 17-19.

The Eras Tour is Taylor Swift’s 6th concert tour with 146 shows on all continents.

The music on the tour covers Swift’s 17-year career, spanning all musical styles across her 10 studio albums, from country and pop to folk and alternative rock.

International media called The Eras Tour the “greatest success” of an artist still in his commercial prime.

Swift described the concept of the tour as “a journey through all the eras of my music”.

“The city’s 40,000 hotel rooms have been sold out even though prices skyrocketed during the days of the concert. The singer’s audience will spend more than $46 million into the local economy during her stay.” residence.

This number does not include show tickets or travel tickets to Sweden. This will have a huge impact on the tourism industry in Sweden and especially Stockholm,” Carl Bergqvist assessed.

As noted by US Today, Taylor Swift’s audience in Europe is largely American. The reason is because the total cost of seeing Swift perform in Europe is much cheaper.

Jack Ezon – CEO of travel company Embark Beyond (headquartered in New York) predicted: “Swift has attracted more Americans to France than the number of Americans at the Olympics (which took place from July 26-August 26, in France) coming soon”.

Taylor Swift performs “Ready for it” during The Eras Tour. (Video: MR)

Previously, since the end of last year, Ezon’s company had booked more than 200 vacations in Paris for audiences to see Swift’s show this May.

Since launching in March 2023, Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour has created a strong fever at each stop in North, South America, and Asia. The tour also set a record as the highest-grossing tour in history, becoming the first tour in the world to sell more than 1 billion USD (about 25,451 billion VND) in tickets.

The Washington Post estimates that Swift’s earnings from her singing career after the tour ends will reach more than $4 billion. This is something no star has ever done in music history to date.

Wherever Taylor Swift sets foot, the local economy and tourism will benefit. Even in July 2023, economists from the US Federal Reserve (Fed) had a term to name this phenomenon, which is “Swiftonomics” (Taylor Swift economy).

According to Bloomberg Economics, Swift’s concerts contributed about $5.7 billion to the US economy.

In Japan, the big concert is estimated to have pumped 228 million USD (more than 5,800 billion VND).

In Australia, 66 million USD (nearly 1,700 billion VND) is revenue from merchandise sales after Swift’s shows.

In Singapore, economic experts estimate that Taylor Swift’s tour earned about 350-370 million USD (about 51-76 billion VND) in revenue from tourists, contributing to increasing GDP growth of the “lion island nation”. in the first quarter of 2024 by 0.2%.

Many experts say Taylor Swift is loved because of her smart image strategy and lyrics that touch listeners. The songs are like confessions and reports about life stages from happiness and sweetness to sadness and anger. Time commented: “She is the architect and the hero, the protagonist and the storyteller”.

The influence of modern stars not only stops at the entertainment and economic sectors but also spreads to the education sector.

The University of Melbourne, one of Australia’s leading and prestigious universities, also organized a conference called Swiftposium in February 2024.

Dr. Jennifer Beckett – senior lecturer in communications at the University of Melbourne also had to exclaim: “It’s amazing to know how many ways you can decode Taylor Swift. The American billionaire is only 34 years old but can motivate boosts a city’s economy every time it appears”.

Jennifer Beckett even believes that singer Cardigan is becoming more and more powerful, having unprecedented influence in the music industry, spreading to the economy, and possibly politics in the near future.

Taylor Swift was born in 1989, she is an American musician and singer. On Forbes, the pop star was honored as the 5th most powerful woman in the world, recognized as a billionaire with an estimated net worth of 1.1 billion USD.

Worth mentioning, the first female singer to join the world’s billion-dollar club solely thanks to her singing activities. Taylor Swift’s assets mainly come from her music and touring business.

In People magazine, Taylor topped the list of Most Attractive People of the Year, Billboard also named the female singer the best pop star of 2023. In 2023, Times also selected Taylor Swift as Person of the Year.

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