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Taylor Swift teased her boyfriend Travis Kelce with a playful question: “Hey, have you been feeling a little heavier lately? Kelce’s answer is not only witty but also extremely funny….



In a cozy scene, Taylor Swift couldn’t resist seizing a playful moment with her partner, Travis Kelce. With a twinkle in her eye and a hint of mischief in her voice, she gently teased, “Hey there, Travis, feeling a bit heavier lately?” Her tone was light, laced with the affectionate banter that often filled their conversations.

Travis, caught slightly off guard but ever the good sport, chuckled at her remark. “Well, maybe just a tad,” he admitted with a grin, knowing full well where this was headed.

With a playful smirk, Taylor couldn’t resist taking it a step further. “So, whose culinary creations do you think are the culprit behind those extra pounds? Your mom’s delicious home cooking, or perhaps my irresistible meals?” she quipped, knowing that both options were equally plausible.

Travis leaned back, a mischievous glint dancing in his eyes as he pondered her question. Then, with a grin that matched hers, he playfully pointed a finger in her direction. “I think we all know whose delicious meals are responsible for this,” he declared, unable to contain his laughter.

Their shared laughter filled the room, a testament to the easygoing nature of their relationship. Despite the light-hearted ribbing, it was evident that their bond was strong, built on a foundation of mutual love and laughter.

And so, in that moment, amidst the playful teasing and infectious laughter, Taylor and Travis found themselves wrapped in the warmth of each other’s company, cherishing the simple joys that filled their lives together.

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