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Travis Kelce’s Dad’s Three-Word Response to Taylor Swift Marriage Claim



Travis Kelce’s father has shared his thoughts on a marriage rumor surrounding his son and Taylor Swift.

Kansas City Chiefs star Travis began dating the singer in July, with the couple going public about their romance in September.

Although the pair have been together less than a year, engagement rumors are already swirling. However, a bizarre conspiracy theory about the couple has also taken off online.

In a post to Instagram on April 12, @ifintersectionalfeminism wrote: “A televangelist from Arkansas claims Satan is engineering Taylor Swift’s marriage to Travis Kelce so she can give birth to the antichrist and launch the apocalyptic thousand-year war against Christ.

“Must she do everything? And during a world tour?” the poster added. The claim has been making the rounds online for months, although the rumor is unverified and the reported televangelist is not named.

However, Travis’s father, Ed Kelce, appears to find the claim hilarious. In a comment on @ifintersectionalfeminism’s post on Thursday, the former sales executive wrote: “That’s my boy!”

Sports fans were in hysterics, with Lisa Burt writing: “You’re the best. Be my dad.”

“Love it,” agreed @nature.luuver.

Papa Kelce… The GOAT [greatest of all time],” posted @moonlight.fascinations.

Newsweek has reached out to Ed Kelce for comment via Instagram.

Although this conspiracy theory is unsubstantiated, similar claims were made about the pop star and Kelce in November.

Self-declared “MAGA Prophet” Hank Kunneman, who runs the Lord of Hosts Church in Nebraska, accused Swift of performing “satanic rituals and witchcraft” during concerts.

The 57-year-old also questioned the 34-year-old Grammy winner’s relationship with Kelce, dubbing the Chiefs’ tight end “Mr Pfizer” over his advertising campaign with the pharmaceutical brand.

The 34-year-old starred in a commercial in September to encourage people to get their flu shot at the same time as their COVID-19 booster jab. It caused uproar among conservatives such as Outkick host Tomi Lahren and New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

This isn’t the first time Ed Kelce has grabbed attention with his social-media activity. The father-of-two trolled his son Jason Kelce on Instagram, following the former Philadelphia Eagles center’s antics at the Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills game in January.

After the Chiefs scored a touchdown, Jason ripped off his shirt and jumped into the crowd to high-five fans, with a screenshot of the moment taking over the internet.

Ed shared a meme of Jason, where the 36-year-old had been photoshopped into the famous battle scene from Mel Gibson’s 1995 historical epic Braveheart.

“Jason fighting for Scotland’s freedom,” he captioned the post, much to football fans delight.

“Classic!!” commented one user, while another posted: “Big Ed wins the internet today!”

Ed Kelce seems to have given Swift his seal of approval, with the “Antihero” singer appearing to call him “Dad” in a video filmed following the Chiefs vs. the Baltimore Ravens game in January

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